Bourbon is an American whisky and there are several ways of drinking this widely popular drink. Explore the article to find some great tips on how to drink Bourbon Whiskey.

How To Drink Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon is a popular American whiskey, which has been produced ever since the 18th century. Most of this whiskey is produced in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Bourbon is chiefly made from corn and it gets the rich smooth flavor from charred oak barrels, where the whiskey is kept for maturing. Hints of sweet vanilla can also be tasted in the unique flavor of Bourbon. The fermentation process of this whiskey is called sour mash fermentation, which includes adding a mash (mixture of corn, wheat & malted barley) from previous distillation. This is done to ensure the same pH consistency across batches, which determines the acidity of a mixture. Then, the fermented mash is distilled to between 65% to 80% alcohol.
Estimates put forward that almost 95% of Bourbon whisky produced in the world is distilled and aged in Kentucky. Bardstown in Kentucky is also known as the Bourbon capital of the world, where an annual Bourbon festival is held in September. Bourbon has also been made in other areas including Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia. In the United States, September 2007 was officially declared as the ‘National Bourbon Heritage Month’, by the US Senate. This event marked the actual history of Bourbon Whiskey. In this article, we have provided tips on how to drink Bourbon whiskey, to help you enjoy the beverage thoroughly.
Drinking Bourbon Whisky
  • Bourbon whiskey is known to be versatile enough to be consumed in several ways. To enjoy the original flavor of Bourbon, it’s best to mix it with water. Try to avoid mixing it with other beverages. Though that option is open, it completely depends on your preferences.
  • Arrange for some stylish cocktail glasses and pour an ounce or two of bourbon whiskey into the glasses. Add a small amount of fresh spring water. Savor the unique taste of textures on Bourbon whiskey, by drinking it slowly. Mixing bourbon with ice may not be a great idea, as it may dull your taste buds.
  • If you want to explore the taste of bourbon in a variety of cocktails, some good choices for you can be the Manhattan, the Old-Fashioned, and the Mint Julep. You can easily find many variations of these cocktails online or in the bartenders’ guides. Keep experimenting with them, until you find your favorite cocktail.
  • For those who want to relish the classic taste of Bourbon whiskey, the best way is to have it 'neat' or 'straight up'. Pour a small amount of bourbon into the cocktail glass. Take small sips of whisky, without adding any ingredients. The most effective way to examine the character of a whiskey is by having it 'neat', devoid of any accompanying ingredients.
  • Keep in mind that it's best to have bourbon stored at room temperature, to keep the original taste intact. You can also hold the whiskey glass just under your nose to savor the tempting aroma of bourbon for a while, before you begin drinking it.

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