Kids’ party is as good as incomplete if there are no fun games included in it. Keeping this in mind, we have listed ideas for children's games to play at a party, in this article.

Children's Games To Play At A Party

Is your kid’s birthday just around the corner? Are you planning to throw a grand party for him and invite over all of his friends? If yes, then it is high time you started with the planning phase. Every small preparation, right from the décor to the menu to the favors, has to be decided as per the liking of the kids. However, what forms the most important part of such a party are games, without which there will be no fun and the celebration will be almost incomplete. In case you are falling short on ideas for children's games to play at a party, the following lines would surely come handy.
Kids’ Party Game Ideas
Marshmallow Tower Game
This game can be played individually as well as in teams, depending on the number of players you have. Hand over 20 toothpicks and 20-25 marshmallows to each of the individuals or groups. Set a time limit for the game; say 5 to 10 minutes, within which the individuals or teams have to build a marshmallow tower, making use of the toothpicks. The individual or the team, who manages to make the tallest marshmallow tower, within the said time, wins the game and is given a prize
Mystery Gift Passing Game
This is a variation of the usual ‘pass the parcel’ game. In this, a gift is taken and wrapped a number of times, between 10 and 20. In between each layer, there is a 'slip of paper’, with a message on it. It can be anything, right from a weird gift to an activity (like singing a nursery rhyme). Now, as the music starts, the parcel is passed from one person to the other. The person with the parcel, when music stops, will unwrap one layer and either get the prize written there or do the activity. The person who opens the last layer wins the game.
Crazy Ping Pong
While all of us have played ping pong at some point of time in our life, this is a crazy version of the game. For this, you have to take the net off the ping pong table. Make equal number of guests kneel down on each side of the “line”, all around the table. The ping pong ball will be placed in the center of the table. Each of the players has to try to blow it to the other side of the table. If the ball goes off the table, the team at the other side gets a point. The team with the maximum points, by the end of the game, wins.
Egg and Spoon Race
You can play this game with raw eggs, hard boiled eggs, small potatoes, or even ping pong balls. Decide on a starting point and a finish line for the race. Now, give a spoon and an egg/ potato/ ping pong ball to each of the participants. Make them stand at the starting point, with the spoon in their mouth and the egg/ potato/ ping pong ball on it. The participants have to reach the finishing line, without dropping the egg/ potato/ ping pong ball. The first person to reach the finishing line wins the game.

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