Delight your friends with games and activities in spa parties. Listed here are a few fun game ideas for a spa party.

Spa Party Games

Throwing a spa party has become the trend of the season. In our busy lives, there is practically no time left to pamper our body. So, such a party gives us an opportunity to relax and unwind ourselves and rejuvenate the parched nerves. Massage treatments, pedicure, manicure, and hair spa are some of the activities you can include in your spa party. However, just as anything done for a long period of time becomes monotonous and boring, the same holds true for spa treatments also. Getting a massage may be relaxing for an hour or so, but after that your body starts aching. This is where games step in. They not only lighten your spa party environment, but also help sustain the interest in the party, making the group gel well. Spa party games serve as a great source of relaxation, apart from providing entertainment and fun. So, to make sure that your spa party is a success, indulge your friends in some games. Listed are some fun games that would delight your guests and make your spa party a great success.
Spa Party Game Ideas
“I Never…Nope…Not…Me…Never”
  • To play the game, give each guest a set number of miniature tootsie rolls, jellybeans, or caramels - just make sure it’s something yummy.
  • The first person makes a statement about himself that starts with “I Never ...Nope…Not me…Never”. For example the person says “I have never kissed a boy. Nope. Not me. Never!”
  • Anyone else who has also not done that particular thing, in this case - never kissed a boy, will have to eat a piece of their candy. Everyone will get the opportunity to take at least one turn - hopefully more.
  • Keep playing until everyone, except one, has eaten his/her candy.
  • The one with the candy left is the winner. 
Mud Body Painting 
  • This game is a great way to have a little fun with your mud or clay masks at the spa party.
  • Spread out a large floor cloth, to keep the mud from spilling everywhere. You’ll also need plenty of mud, brushes and some water.
  • Divide the guests in groups of three.
  • Two of the team members, in each team, will paint the third member.
  • They can paint anywhere on the body, but the back makes the largest canvas.
  • Set a specific time period.
  • The team that has made the most artistic design gets a prize at the end. 
Get Gorgeous!! 
  • This game would surely be a hot favorite for your guests.
  • For the game, divide the guests in pairs, wherein one of the players is a model and the other a make up artist.
  • In a speculated time, say about 2 minutes, the make up artist has to apply makeup on the face of the model, to make her look gorgeous.
  • This might sound easy, but the catch is that the makeup artist needs to apply the makeup blindfolded!! The other person cannot assist in any way, other than giving directions on what is to be done i.e. ‘higher, lower, over to the left, etc’.
  • When the alarm rings, make sure every one stops applying the makeup.
  • Put on the music and have a fashion show, wherein all the models walk the ramp.
  • The one who looks the most stunning is declared the winner!!

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