Are you looking for information on how to throw a bowling ball? Go through this article and learn about the ways of throwing a bowling ball.

How To Throw A Bowling Ball

Bowling is the name given to a sport in which a ball is rolled on a flat surface, at the end of which objects known as pins are placed. The aim of rolling the ball is to knock off as many pins as possible. Usually played indoors, it has outdoor versions as well. A fun sport, bowling is played at amateur as well as professional levels. Initially, all you have to learn is how to grip the ball and release it on the ground, in the correct way. As you play more and progress ahead, you learn how to hook the ball and perform other fancy shots. In the following lines, we will tell you the basics of bowling i.e. ways of throwing the bowling ball.
How To Throw A Bowling Ball
  • First of all, you need to pick the bowling ball.
  • Now, go and stand at the end of the bowling lane, with your feet on the middle dot.
  • It is very necessary to hold the ball in the right manner. Grip it by placing the middle and ring fingers of your dominant hand (the hand you write with) in the two holes that are side by side.
  • You can either insert the fingers up to the second knuckle, as in conventional grip, or follow fingertip grip and insert them up to the first knuckle only.
  • The thumb will go in the third hole, spaced slightly away from the two other holes.
  • After you have perfected your grip on the ball, it is the time to wipe it with a towel.
  • For releasing the ball, you can follow the 4 step approach. On the first step, push off the ball and make it parallel to your ankle in the second step. Starting to bend you knees, bring the ball at the top of your back, as the third step. The final step will comprise of bringing the ball back through and releasing it by the end of your slide.
  • After you have released the ball, see the path it takes and how many pins it manages to knock off.
  • Follow the procedure till you have knocked down all the pins.

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