Are you confused as to what gifts can you give to your teenager daughter? Go through this article and find gift ideas for a teen daughter.

Gifts For Teenage Daughter

Teenage comprises of those years of individuals when understanding them becomes extremely difficult for their parents. This holds true in case of teenage boys as well as girls. A major problem comes when parents have to decide on the gift for their teenage kid, especially a daughter, on occasions like birthdays, Christmas, New Year, and the like. In such a case, they should observe their teenage daughter, to know what are her likes and dislikes. At the same time, they can take her hobbies into account. With the combined information, they would easily be able to know what kind of stuff would she like as her gift. In case you are still confused, make use of the gifts listed in the lines below. 
Gift Ideas For Teen Daughter
Fashion jewelry
Teenage is the age when we are adjusting with our own self and it is also the age of attending to self-beauty. Remember the time when you were a teenager and used to look at the mirror for hours on end. If you daughter is fashion conscious, then a gift of fashion jewellery is sure to keep you in her favorite family member list. However if you and your daughter’s taste and preference doesn’t match much, you can take the help of some of your daughter’s friend.
Portable DVD player
If your daughter loves watching movie and lives in hostel, then a gift of portable DVD player will surely attract her. Portable DVD players are available in various brands and are not very costly too. In addition, it will make her a hero in front of her friends and you are sure to gain the “supermom” or “super dad” position in her eyes.
Latest mobile phone
Today’s teenagers are very much aware of the electrical gadgets and latest mobile phones, and a gift would only make them happier. You can gift your teenager daughter a latest mobile phone but make sure that it has all the new facilities and looks chic and stylish.
IPod or MP3 player
Music is one of the favorite pastimes of all of us and especially the young kids live for it. A gift of IPod or MP3 player with her favorite songs copied in it will surely impress her. Make sure to buy the IPod or MP3 player in her favorite color and wrap the gift attractively. You can even put a trail for a treasure hunt to help her find her gift.
The Dress She Has Been Looking For, Since Long
Girls love dresses. Period. If she has been searching for a particular dress for prom or a special occasion, you can gift her that dress and be sure that she would love it. that will not only become her favorite dress for time to come but also will make her feel how much you love her.
Gift certificates
If your daughter is choosy, there is one very good option for you. You could gift her a gift certificate to a boutique, book store, spa, beauty salon, concert or whatever she loves doing. This way you not have to choose much and you would be sure of her liking it.
Some other gift ideas for a gift for teenage daughter are listed below. you can have a look at that and take your pick. 
  • Scrabble board game
  • Gift basket, comprising of scented body washes, lotions, perfumes, powders, lip gloss and nail polish
  • A blank journal, with a set of her favorite pens
  • A photo album, with all her cherished memories
  • A DVD collection of her favorite movies
  • Digital camera
  • Laptop
  • CD collection of her favorite singer/band
  • Hang bag
  • Vanity cases
  • A remodeled bedroom
  • Something to aid her hobby
  • Chocolate gift basket
  • Wrist watch

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