Buying gift for senior citizens is amongst the most difficult tasks in the world. Browse through this article and get ideas on gifts for the elderly.

Senior Citizen Gifts

Whenever a special occasion is around the corner, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving or someone's birthday, gifts occupy majority of our thinking time. Buying gift for someone is, as it is, a confusing task. On top of it, if the recipient is a senior citizen, you are sure to be perplexed to the limit. Since they have spent so many years in this world and experienced in almost everything, deciding the right gift item for them can prove to be very exhausting. In order to help you out of this confusion, we have provided a list of gifts for the elderly, in the lines below. Go through it and select the one that you think will suit them the most.
Senior Citizen Gift Ideas
Cell Phone
It is quiet obvious that your grandma/grandpa would not want a sophisticated machine for making calls. Therefore, presenting him/her with a simple, smart and user-friendly cell phone would be a nice idea.
Pet Service Coupons
Pets are the greatest companion for senior citizens, after their retirement. If the elderly member in your family has a pet and is fond of it as well, present him/her a couple of pet service coupons, so that he/she can avail medical treatment for the animal, free of cost, for a few visits.
Scrapbook of Family Photos
At the old age, people often flip through their family photo albums to recollect the fond memories of yesteryears. So, when it comes to senior citizen, presenting a scrapbook of family photos would help him/her travel down the memory lane.
House Alarm System
Chances of burglars breaking into houses, wherein senior citizens live alone, are increasing day by day. Hence, it would be a wise idea to present a house alarm system to your grandma/grandpa, if he/she is left home alone when others of the family are away at work.
Universal Remote
A universal remote can be a very handy present for the senior member in your family. The remote lessens the need to have different remotes for different gadgets.
Electric Wall Clock
Replace the traditional pendulum clock with an electric wall clock, at your grandma/grandpa’s room.
Bottle of Wine
At the dinner table, open a bottle of wine and announce a toast to your grandma/grandpa, for being an important part of your life. This would be a memorable gift for him/her.
Personalized Coffee Mug
Present a personalized coffee mug to your grandma/grandpa. For the purpose, you may get a family photograph or his/her portrait printed on the coffee mug.
CD Collection of Favorite Singer
Purchase a CD collection of the songs, sung by the favorite singer of your grandpa/grandma.
Grocery Store Gift Certificates
Search whether the grocery store in your locality offers gift certificates or not. If yes, then presenting gift coupons for shopping two to three times would be a nice idea.
Trip to Favorite Destination
Invite your grandma/grandpa to a weekend destination. Make a surprise trip to his/her favorite tourist spot.
Other Gift Ideas
  • Door Jammer
  • DVD Old Time Classics
  • Spa coupons
  • Movie tickets
  • Coffee/tea gift basket
  • Library membership
  • Personal stationery
  • Restaurant gift certificates
  • Digital frame, after downloading images
  • Polar fleece blanket
  • Mp3 or IPod
  • Portable CD player
  • Fruit baskets
  • Your time

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