Right from humidors to the cutters, each of the cigar accessories enhances the smoking experience. Read on to know more about cigar smoking accessories.

Cigar Accessories

Smoking cigar will cease to be an enjoyable act, if you don't have the right accessories. In fact, cigar accessories enhance the smoking experience. They are must haves for enjoying a cigar thoroughly. The major accessories for a cigar smoking are humidors, cutters, cases, ashtrays and lighters. There are also other items, which qualify as secondary accessories, but are essential for cigar smoking - such as cigar holders, cigar smoke eliminators and cigar themed gift items. It might be surprising for you, but books and magazines on cigars are also considered as accessory for cigar smokers. In the following lines, we will provide with information on the primary cigar smoking accessories.
Cigar Accessories
Cigar Humidor
Cigar humidor is the most important accessories for a cigar smoker. Humidors facilitate storage of the cigar, for future use. They are also beneficial for safe transportation of the cigars. Basically, a cigar humidor is a wooden box used for storing cigars. It is used to make sure that the cigars are stored within a specific humidity range, at any given room temperature.
Cigar Cutter
Cigar cutter is used to create a sufficient and smooth opening in the cigar, which would aid smoking. There are various types of cigar cutters available and each of them cut the cigar in a specific way. Amongst the most popular varieties are cigar guillotine cutters, double-blade cigar cutters, cigar v-cutter and 'hole' punch cutters. Cutting cigars properly is essential, so to ensure that you cut in the correct manner and enjoy the exact taste.
Cigar Lighters
Even if you have a cigar carefully placed in a humidor and appropriately cut, what use is it if you do not have a lighter. Cigar lighters are an essential addition as a cigar accessory and also make great gift for cigar enthusiasts. There are various types of cigar lighters, with more popular ones being single matches, disposable lighters, butane gas refillable lighters, custom-made lighters, flint cigar lighters, novelty lighters, all-purpose lighters, windproof lighters, torch lighters and candle lighters.
Cigar Ashtray
Another addition to cigar accessories is ashtray. They are required to maintain sanitary conditions and neatness when a person smokes. Cigar ashtrays help to dispose of the ashes in a hygienic manner and are available in different designs, shapes, and materials. Remember, a good quality of cigar demands a good quality of ashtray as well.

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