Cutting cigar is an easy task, if you know proper ways to cut it. Go through the article, to know more about how to cut a cigar

How To Cut Cigar

Want to try a cigar? However, before attempting to smoke a cigar, one should know how to cut a cigar. The tip of the cigar is usually covered from top to the bottom. So, in order to smoke a cigar, you need to know how to cut the head, so the smoke will go through. Though some people use their teeth to cut a cigar, this is not the best method. Rather, there is a variety of cutters available in the market, which are sure to help you with the task in a much better way. As for the non-smokers, cutting a cigar can be beneficial for you as well, as you can be a help at parties or celebration, without looking lost. So, read on and how to cut a cigar in the proper way.
Proper Ways For Cutting A Cigar 
  • The first step towards cutting a cigar is to get a good quality guillotine-style cigar cutter. A good cutter would ensure that the wrapper does not get unraveled, while a person smokes.
  • Observe the head of the cigar. It is this part of the cigar that you put in your mouth. A cap is present at the tip of the cigar, which is usually a round piece of tobacco that differentiates by a line that goes all the way to the tip of the cigar. To keep the wrapper from unraveling, the cap is glued to the tip. After you have identified it, move on to the next step.
  • The cut should be made in front of the line, to avoid tearing of the wrapper. Leave an eighth of an inch of the cap on the cigar. The cut need not be too deep. It should just be deep enough to see the filler. Make the cut it in one motion, as it would ensure that the wrapper does not get untied.
  • Keep a tight grip on the cigar with your other hand and try not to let it move, until it is cut all the way through.
  • Finally, put the head of the cigar in your mouth and light it. 
Types Of Cutters
‘Guillotine’ or ‘Traditional’ Cut
Smokers usually opt for this traditional cutter. The cutter makes a straight slice across the cap line of the cigar. Not only is Guillotineeasy to carry out the cut, but it also makes a well-circulated draw. However, the main disadvantage of the cutter is that the cut causes the residue and tar of burning tobacco to come in direct contact with the smoker's mouth
‘Bullet’ or ‘Punch’ Cut
Just as the name indicates, this cutter makes a bullet or a small hole into the cigar cap. Much is dependent on the diameter of the cutter. However, the main disadvantage of the cutter is that it restricts the air circulation and causes smoke tar and residue to accumulate around the opening.
The ‘V’ Cut
This type of a cutter creates a wedge shaped cut in the cigars cap. The best feature about the cut is that it allows proper air circulation to occur. The smoky tar and residue do not accumulate around the opening, thus preventing the mouth of the smoker from the bitter taste. However, it can be difficult to keep a V cutter sharp, because of its unique shape.

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