Including some activity plans in your Thanksgiving dinner will make it all the more interesting. Explore ideas related to fun activities for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Activity Plans

Thanksgiving is a day assigned to thank God for all that he has given us - a beautiful world to live in, a wonderful family to share the joys and sorrows, a bunch of understanding friends whom we can rely upon, and so on. It is the time when we get together with our family members and friends and express our thankfulness for the benevolence of God. Very often, it is seen that Thanksgiving dinners become boring, as adults keep discussing the routine affairs of life and children sit in a corner, doing nothing. This time, make the dinner enjoyable, by including fun activities that would be enjoyable by the old and young alike. In case you need any help regarding the same, make use of the Thanksgiving activity ideas provided below.  
Thanksgiving Activity Plans
On Thanksgiving, plan a quiz for all the guests, based on the trivia related to the holiday. You can include questions on the history of the holiday, its association with turkey, and the like. Make sure to keep a gift for the person who correctly answers the maximum number of questions. While it will be a fun way to pass the time, you will also be able to teach kids about the origin as well as the importance of Thanksgiving.
Games are something that amuses the young and the old alike. So, make sure to arrange for the games that can be played by the youngest as well as oldest member in your family. One of the best games is the 'Thankerchief' game. Everyone sits in a circle. You have to pass the "thankerchief" (handkerchief) around, as a Thanksgiving song is played in the background. As the music is brought to a stop, the person who has the "thankerchief" stands up and tells one thing for which he/she is thankful to God.
Thanksgiving Scrabble
Scrabble is one of the few board games that have never gone out of date. People still play it, whether with the aim of passing their time in a pleasing way or for improving their vocabulary. On 'Thanksgiving', make scrabble theme-related. In other words, choose a particular theme, such as “Turkey” or “Stocking”. Everyone playing the game will have to make words related to the theme. You will never even notice how the time went by and the day came to an end.
Jokes Session
Thanksgiving is the time to get together with your loved ones, under one roof, and spend some fun time together. Talking about fun, jokes and humor is something that creeps into your mind automatically. So, this year, arrange for a jokes session on Thanksgiving, with the condition being that the jokes will be related to the festival, in one way or the other. Laughing and giggling, you will hardly notice where the time flew by.

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