Smoked cheese is one of the most differently flavored cheeses available. If you want to know more about what is smoked cheese, along with its making, go through the article.

Smoked Cheese

Cheese is a great add-on in a food item and makes the food delightful to look at as well as yummier to taste. As add-ons, they are a favorite of almost all the people. While some might shy away from having cheese, due to the amount of fat it contains, they secretly long to have it. There are different varieties of cheese available in the market. One of these types comprises of smoked cheese. It is a specially-made variety of cheese, treated by smoke curing. Smoked cheese is generally yellowish brown in color, which it gets because of the curing process. Smoked cheese is used for several dishes including lasagnas, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and so on. Smoked cheese is commercially available in all stores and you can even prepare it at home. Making smoked cheese is extremely easy; all you need to do is smoke the cheese at a particular temperature. Smoked cheese can be available in many forms including shredded, chopped, sliced form and also in strips and cubes.
Making Smoked Cheese
Smoked cheese is prepared in the same way as any other cheese, the only difference being that in this case, smoke is used in the ripening stage. The smoke woods used for smoking cheese include cherry, alder and apple. After the cheese has ripened to a certain extent, it is smoke-cured as per the result desired. There are basically two ways that can be used to produce smoked cheese - cold smoking method and hot smoking method. In cold smoking method, the cheese is generally preserved for a month, after which it is smoked at a temperature which ranges from 70° to 90°F.
In case of hot smoking method, the cheese is partially cooked, at the temperatures ranging between 100° and 190°F. The method is primarily adopted to get a golden brown color for the cheese, along with a smoky flavor. Smoked cheese is generally found to have a distinct rich sweet taste when compared to other cheeses. Another method which can be employed to attain smoked cheese flavor is by giving it an artificial smoking flavoring. Food coloring is also done to get the golden brownish tinge on the cheese.
Naturally prepared smoked cheeses look almost similar as they did before they were smoked. The only difference is in its aroma, taste and maybe a small tint of colour appears after the smoking procedure. The taste of the smoked cheese entirely depends on the type of smoke wood used and the extent of smoke applied on the cheese.
Types of Smoked Cheese
There are numerous varieties of smoked cheese found in the market. Some of the commonly sold ones are:
  • Smoked Applewood
  • Gruyère
  • Smoked Gouda
  • Rauchkase
  • Scamorza
  • Smoked Cheddar.
Culinary Uses Of Smoked Cheese
  • Melted smoked cheese is topped on crackers and eaten as snacks.
  • Smoked cheese adds a rich flavor to sauces and soups. Smoked cheese soup is a very delectable dish prepared from vegetables, spices, butter and cheese.
  • Smoked cheese is popularly used in sandwiches. Shredded smoked cheese is layered on wheat breads and grilled along with cucumber and tomato slices and other combinations.
  • Melted smoked cheese is also used as cheese dips, which is consumed with chips, crusty bread, bacon bits, crudités and so on.
  • Omelet layered with melted smoked cheese and asparagus is in particular extremely delicious.
  • Pizzas topped with salmon, red onions, oregano and ample amount of smoked cheese are not only pleasing to the eye, but appreciated by the palate as well.
  • Another heavenly dish prepared from smoked cheese is the smoked cheese soufflé. Soufflés with smoked cheese is prepared from eggs, butter, flour, mustard powder, white pepper and milk.
  • Mouth-watering dishes including gratins are also prepared with smoked cheese, which taste extremely well along with ingredients such as broccoli, butter and black pepper.
  • Smoked cheese is an important ingredient in fondues too. The smoked gouda fondue with bacon and almonds is simply magical to taste.
  • Mashed potatoes are also cooked with shredded smoked cheese for a more creamy consistency.
  • Other dishes such as macaroni, pasta, raviolis, lasagnas and quiches are much enjoyable with smoked cheese.
  • Smoked cheese is also served in a fruit platter along with grapes, figs, strawberry, apple slices and dried fruits.
Storing Smoked Cheese
  • Smoked cheese should be wrapped properly and vacuum sealed before it is placed in the refrigerator.
  • You can understand the flavour of smoked cheese better after refrigerating the newly smoked cheese overnight and then tasting it the next day.
Smoked cheese is simply the cheese treated with smoke at a particular temperature and period of time. This cheese will have a smoky flavor, which can be enjoyed with any pleasurable dish.

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