Christmas gift tags are very special and can convey your message effectively. Go through the article to find craft ideas to make gift tags for Christmas.

Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas is the perfect time to rejoice and have fun. The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated across the globe and people can be found exchanging gifts in all parts of the world. When we talk about gifts, gift tags sneak in alongside. You can make Christmas gifts all the more special, if you add specially designed gift tags to them. Though they form very small part of the gift, they are important. They give a complete look to the gift. At the same time, gift tags convey your message to the person to whom you are giving the gift. Read on to get some ideas on gift tags for Christmas.  
Craft Ideas for Christmas Gift Tags 
  • You can opt for old Christmas cards, to make gift tags. Cut the picture from the card and punch a hole at one of the ends. You can write your message at the back of the picture. String the card with ribbon and tie it to the gift.
  • You can use Christmas card in another way. Cut a few cards into tiny rectangles or triangles. Glue the pieces onto a piece of cardboard, to cover it. Make sure the backs of pieces are blank. Cut out the shapes. Punch a hole at the top of each shape. Write your message on the back. 
  • If you are good at painting, you can paint different figures over a cardboard such as trees, bell, stars, etc. Cut out the figures, after the paint dries. Punch the hole on top of the figure and tie it to the package.
  • You can even use fabrics for Christmas gift tags. Cut a fabric in the shape of bells, stars, angels, etc. Attach glue to the back of the fabric and iron it on a cardboard. Cut out the figures and make excellent gift tags.
  • Cookie tags also make excellent Christmas gift tags. The cookies can be shaped in various designs. Make a hole at the top of the cookie, prior to baking. Ensure that the hole is big enough that it would not bake shut. After baking, cool the cookie and write your message using icing. Attach the cookie to the gift with a ribbon.
  • Family photographs, placed on a cardboard, make excellent Christmas gift tags. Take a family photograph and make a few copies of it. Take a cardboard. Make sure that the cardboard you have taken is an inch bigger, on all the sides, than the photograph. Cut diagonal slits in all four corners of your cardboard and insert the corners of your pictures into the slits. You can even resort to pasting the photograph on the cardboard. Write the message at the back of the cardboard, punch it at one side and affix to the gift.

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