Are you looking for some last minute Christmas gift ideas? Go through this article and find a list of the best last minute Christmas presents.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Though the tradition of gift giving forms a very important part of Christmas, there are many people who forget to buy gifts unless at the last minute. Then, there are others who, because of office or other obligations, are not able to take out time for Christmas shopping. In such a case, last minute shopping is resorted to and often results in people getting the wrong type of gifts for their loved ones. In case you are one of those who always end up getting at least a few Christmas gifts at the last minute, the list provided below will come in handy. We have provided a number of best 'last minute Christmas gift' ideas, to make sure that you pick the right presents for your loved ones, even if the shopping is done in a rush.
Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas 
Favorite Magazine Annual Subscription
This is one of the best gifts, which you can give at the last minute and it won’t seem to the recipient like a last minute shopping too. However, one thing, which you need to keep in mind, is the liking and preference of the gift recipient. Your recipient should be a fan of reading and should be interested in magazines. For men you could give anything from the subscription of GQ to Autocar and to the women, the annual subscription of Vogue or Cosmopolitan would be a good option.
Books are for forever. It never gets a stale option for gifting and if the person whom you are gifting is a sucker for good books, nothing would be a good gift for him/her than a gift of good books. Just get to know the liking of the person and head to a bookshop. However, make sure that the books you buy haven’t already been read by the person.
This makes a very good last minute gift especially if you are gifting a kid or a person who is very much into binoculars. Buying binoculars doesn’t involve much prior research, all you have to do is to visit a shop and pick one according to your budget.
Christmas Themed Gifts
Christmas themed gifts can be anything related to the festive season. The range also is unlimited and can fit any budget. These Christmas themed gifts ranges from Christmas CD’s, DVD’s, Elves salt and pepper shake, Santa themed blanket sets, Christmas ornaments and the list goes on. These are also available widely in the market and picked up at the last minute.
Electronic Gadgets
Electronic gadgets also make a very good choice for last minute Christmas gift. All you have to think of a gadget which you can afford in your budget and would like to give as gift and you can go pick it up from any electrical shop. Be it something like Ipod, or mobiles, or something more economical like desktop weather station, high-capacity ups, rechargeable batteries (with charger), hair straightener etc, almost everything is available in the souk and you don’t have to search much too. All you need is to wrap the gift in an attractive package and you are ready to present your gift.
Holiday Plants
Holiday plants also make a very good option for last minute Christmas gift. Whether it is a complete vase, a bouquet, or even a packet of seeds, it makes a very good option for a last minute gift.
Edible Gifts
Nothing can beat the feel of an edible gift. it gives a very special feel to the recipient. And if you are good cook, there can be no better gift which you can give than a gift of edible items especially pastries, sweets, muffins, cookies etc. even if you don’t have the time to cook, you can buy it from various bakeries and confectionaries. One more thing, which you can do, is to make a complete basket of edible gift and give it to the person. Gourmet food basket, complete with muffins, various types of cookies makes a good choice for a gift. One another option would be a gourmet basket complete with cheese and wine. You can also just give a box of candies/chocolates.
Gift Coupons
Gift coupons also make a good option for a last minute gift. Keeping in mind the liking and preference of the recipient, you can give the gift of different types of gift coupons, for instance, spa coupons especially for women, match tickets, wine testing coupons, coupons for favorite stores, holiday gift coupons, match coupons, movie tickets. Concert coupons etc all make very good options for a last minute gift items.
Collage Of Old Photographs
If the person whom you are gifting is your old friend, a collage made of all the old photographs would make a very good option for gift. it will not only seem planned but also is sure to bring happy tears in your friend’s eyes.

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