Are you interested in knowing how to do graffiti? If your answer is yes, go through this article and find tips on how to create/draw your own graffiti.

How To Do Graffiti

When you say the word 'graffiti', the picture that first comes into the mind of people is that of murals and tags drawn with the help of spray paint. Majority of the people relate graffiti only with the wording written on walls in the street. However, graffiti is not limited to streets only; it is a very creative from of writing and can be used for writing on anything, including utensil and blank canvas. In fact, those who adorn the streets with the artwork, first learn how to draw graffiti with pencil and paper. If you want to know how to create your won graffiti, make use of the tips provided in the lines below.
How To Do Graffiti 
  • First of all, you need to choose a word that you want to write in graffiti. In most of the cases, graffiti artists use their name or pseudonym.
  • Next, comes the graffiti style. You will have to choose from amongst the dozens of styles available. In case of beginners, bubble letters is one of the most popular styles.
  • After you have decided the graffiti style that you want to have, it is the time to get a sample for the same. You can either take a print out from internet or take a picture of the graffiti written on walls.
  • Keep the graffiti sample in front of you. Now, get a paper and a pencil.
  • Keeping one eye on the sample, mimic the style. Make sure to use light strokes that can be erased easily.
  • After you are finished with the pencil drawing, it is the time to add details such as shading or graphics. Here, you creativity will come into play. Remember to keep it simple till you get comfortable with complex graffiti.
  • With the help of trace paper or a photo copier, make a copy of your completed pencil drawing. This will come in use the next time you want to draw graffiti.
  • Darken the pencil marks with the help of a permanent marker or pen. Now, use colored markers or crayons to fill in your letters and compete your graffiti writing.
  • Your graffiti is complete. Keep practicing and experimenting till you become an expert and develop your own unique style.

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