Cigar is generally classified in terms of its shape and size. Go through the article, to find the different shapes and sizes of cigar.

Cigar Shapes And Sizes

Smoking cigars is one of the luxuries that men love to enjoy. The ideal way to categorize cigar is to distinguish it by its size and shape. Talking about the size, the length of a cigar is measured in inches, while its width is measured by ring gauge, which is the diameter expressed in 64th of an inch. Going on to the shape, there are primarily three shapes of a cigar - pajero, figurado and little cigars. In the following lines, we have provided information about the different shapes and sizes of a cigar.
Cigar Shapes & Sizes
Parejo is the most common shape of a cigar. It has a cylindrical body, with straight sides and one end open. The other end has a round tobacco-leaf "cap" which needs to be sliced off with a V-shaped cutter, before smoking. There are basically two main types of the Pajero style - coronas and panatelas
Check out the different variants of Coronas cigar:
  • Rothschilds (4 ½" x 50) after the Rothschild family
  • Robusto (4 ¨þ" x 50)
  • Hermosos No. 4 (5" x 48)
  • Mareva/Petit Corona (5 ¨û" x 42)
  • Corona (5 ½" x 42)
  • Corona Gorda (5 ¨ý" x 46)
  • Toro (6" x 50)
  • Corona Grande (6 ¨û" x 42)
  • Cervantes/Lonsdale (6 ½" x 42), named for Hugh Cecil Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale
  • Dalia (6 ¾" x 43)
  • Julieta, also known as Churchill (7" x 47), named for Sir Winston Churchill
  • Prominente/Double Corona (7 ¨ý" x 49)
  • Presidente (8" x 50)
  • Gran Corona ("A") (9 ¼" x 47)
Panatelas cigars are slightly longer and thinner than Coronas. Check out its variants:
  • Small Panatela (5" x 33)
  • Carlota (5 ¨ý" x 35)
  • Short Panatela (5" x 38)
  • Slim Panatela (6" x 34.9)
  • Panatela (6" x 38)
  • Deliciados/Laguito No. 1 (7 ¼" x 38)
Figuradosare irregularly shaped cigars, considered higher in quality because of the complexity in their making. Though these cigars lost their popularity in the 1930's, they managed to regain the fame. Many manufactures have started making the figurado cigar once again. Some of the variants of figurado include:
  • Torpedo - Like a parejo, except that the cap is pointed
  • Pyramid - Has a broad foot and evenly narrows to a pointed cap
  • Perfecto - Narrow at both ends and bulged in the middle
  • Presidente/Diadema - Shaped like a parejo, but considered a figurado due to its enormous size and occasional closed foot, akin to a perfecto
  • Culebras - Three long, pointed cigars that have been braided together
  • Tuscanian - The typical Italian cigar, created in the early 19th century, when Kentucky tobacco was hybridized with local varieties. It is long, tough and slim cigar, thicker in the middle and tapered at the ends, with a very strong aroma. It is also known as a cheroot, the largest selling cigar shape in the United States. 
Little Cigars
Just as the name signifies, little cigars are small in size and are quite unlike the regular ones. They are more like cigarettes in size, shape, packaging, and filters and weigh less than cigars and cigarillos.

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