Making a mini catapult is easy and fun, provided you know the instructions for the same. Go through the article, to get information about how to make a mini catapult.

How To Build A Mini Catapult

Catapult is a device that can is used to throw ammunition at a great distance. Earlier used for defense purposes, it now makes up one of the best fun toys and is a great pick amongst youngsters. Though a catapult can be found in the market easily, making it at home has its own charm. While the catapults available in the market are quite professional, the one you make yourself would be simpler and sort of a 'mini catapult'. The best part is that it is very easy to make a mini catapult, provided you have the resources and necessary tips handy. In the following lines we have provided information on how to build a mini catapult, just for you.
How To Make A Mini Catapult
Method 1 (using Chopsticks)
Materialz Required
  • 6 Chopsticks
  • Plastic Cup
  • Several Medium-width Elastic Bands
  • Sticky Tack or Plasticine
  • Pen
  • Take three chopsticks and place them on a flat surface, in such a way that they make a triangular shape, with overlapping ends. Tie the ends of all the three sides, using elastic bands.
  • Attach the rest of the chopsticks to the existing triangle, to create a freestanding pyramid. Tie these with the elastic band as well. Make sure that you keep the thinner ends of the stick at the top and the heavier ends at the bottoms. This will help stabilize the pyramid.
  • Make three holes in the plastic cup, with the help of a pen. The space in between the holes should be evenly done at the rim of the cup.
  • Tie an elastic band in each hole in the cup and knot it securely.
  • Move the pyramid in such a way that the triangle is directly facing you. The cup should be so positioned that the opening of the cup faces you.
  • Tie one end of each elastic band to each corner, until the cup is suspended in the air.
  • Pick something equivalent to a bullet and fire the catapult by pulling the cup back and letting go.
  • You might be required to hold onto the back of the pyramid, to provide additional support.
Method 2 (Using Silicone Bands)
Materials Required
  • Silicone Bands
  • Wheeled Platform
  • Handle
  • Books
  • Stapler
  • Start with making a pass through the silicone bands, in a way that they stay in one piece.
  • Staple the rubber bands, by keeping them side by side in the stapler, rather than keeping them one over the other.
  • Now, further staple the strings to the top of handle and fix them to the wheeled platform. You can even use your car toy to make a platform or carrom board’s seeds.
  • Make a shape of the building, using a few books and take a mass you want to throw with the catapult.
  • Hold the mass to the rubber bands and pull it back. Leave it all of a sudden and there goes your mass!

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