Danish cheese is the name of cheese that is made in Denmark. Go through the article and get information on the various types of Danish cheese.

Danish Cheese

Cheese serves as the perfect add-on to any dish, enhancing the flavor to quite an extent. There are various types of cheese produced in the world, all of them being marked after the place they are produced in. The cheese that is made in Denmark is known by the name of Danish cheese. The cheese available here can be divided into four different categories - soft, semi-soft, hard and semi-hard. These four categories can be further classified into thirteen types. Read on to get information on the various types of Danish cheese.
Types Of Danish Cheese
Blue Castello - Made from cow milk and shaped like a half-moon, Blue Castello is a creamy cheese. Enriched in cream, it has blue color in the form of fairly thick horizontal lines.
Cream Havarti - The most famous cheese of Denmark, Cream Havarti is a semi-soft and is characterized by being both, table cheese and dessert cheese.  It is also available in flavors, such as dill, jalapeno, pepper, garlic and herbs.
Danablu (Danish Blue) - Also called Marmora, Danablu is a block shaped cheese and has sharp, almost metallic taste. The cheese tastes very creamy in the mouth. Used as a table cheese, it works very well with salads.
Danbo - Danbo is a rectangular-shaped cheese that has smooth, dry, yellow rind and is, sometimes, covered in red wax. One of the most popular Danish cheeses, it has a pale, elastic interior, with a few small holes.
Danish Fontina - Danish Fontina is pale yellow in color and has semi-soft texture, with a mild sweet flavor. The cheese is great as table cheese, sandwich cheese and also goes well with light wine.
Esrom - Made from cow milk, Esrom has a mild, pleasant taste. It is rectangular in shape, with smooth, sticky, pale yellow color. Some varieties of the Esrom cheese are stronger in flavor and contain garlic, pepper or onion.
Fynbo - Coming from the island of Fyn Fynbo, Fynbo cheese is produced with pasteurized milk and ferments. Typically, it is shaped like a cylinder.
Havarti - Named after the farm in Denmark, Havarti is a traditional, creamery cheese, with semi-soft texture. It is a simple, washed-rind cheese, with irregular holes throughout. The cheese is also available in an enriched version, with added cream, which is softer and feels more luxurious in the mouth. There is also a version with caraway seeds.
Maribo - Named after the town in the island of Lolland, Maribo cheese is creamery and semi-hard in nature. Maribo has a firm, dry interior with numerous irregular holes. It is usually coated in yellow wax and is sometimes flavored with caraway seeds.
Molbo - Made from cow milk, Molbo cheese is semi-hard in texture. The Molbo cheese— made in Danish region of Mols—is a table cheese that has a delicate, light flavor.
Mycella - A Danish version of Gorgonzola, with blue-green mold and mild aromatic taste, Mycellais a creamery, blue cheese, made from cow's milk. It is a table cheese, used for snacks or to salads. Though the interiors of the cheese have a pale buttery look, it is attractive on the outside.
Saga - An amalgamation of blue cheese and brie, Saga is a creamy, blue-veined cheese that has a white-mould rind. Mild to taste, it is an excellent dessert cheese and is served with fruit and wine. It also works well in salads and on a cracker.
Samso - Named after the island of Samso, Samso cheese has a supple, elastic texture, with a few irregular-sized holes. Made from pasteurized cow's milk, it comes in the shape of disks or blocks.

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