Young teens love to play games on a Halloween party; provided they are enthralling enough. Read on to get some Halloween party game ideas for teenagers.

Halloween Games For Teens

Halloween is a fun holiday that is eagerly awaited by the young and the old alike. People start planning well in advance to make their Halloween party a memorable affair. Apart from bizarre costumes, the most appealing element of a Halloween party is games. For that matter, any party is considered incomplete without games. When it comes to Halloween games for teens, make sure that they are exciting and entertaining enough to keep up their party spirits. At the same time, they should be easy to play and action-packed. Given below are few Halloween party games for teenagers that will surely be a hit among your young guests.
Teen Party Game Ideas for Halloween
Scavenger Hunt
Supplies Needed:
  • 'Scavenger Hunt' list (enlisting items related to Halloween theme)
  • Pencil
  • Sheets of paper 
How to Play:
  • Divide the teenagers present in the party into groups.
  • Provide each team a list of 'Scavenger Hunt' items that you have hidden in strategic locations around the party venue.
  • Provide a time limit to the teams (depending on the number of items to be found) within which the items have to be found.
  • The team that collects the maximum number of items within the given time wins the game. 
Candy Corn Catch
Supplies Needed:
  • Candy Corn
  • Plastic Pumpkins
  • String 
How to Play:
  • Divide the teens into teams.
  • Using a string to tie plastic pumpkin around the waist of one player of every team.
  • Mark a throw-line for the players. Position the pumpkin-wearing teammates at a distance of 10 feet from their team mates.
  • Set a time limit of two minutes, within which the players have to target throwing the candy corn right into the pumpkins tied to their team's member.
  • After the game finishes, count the candy corns that have fallen into the pumpkins.
  • The team that possesses the maximum number of candy corns wins the game. 
The Halloween Walk
Supplies Needed:
  • Halloween symbols, like fake pumpkins, plastic witch's broom, witch's hats
  • Jar
  • Music system 
How to Play:
  • Place the Halloween symbols on the floor, positioned in the middle of the players standing in a circle.
  • Play a haunting music in the background.
  • When the music is on, ask the players to slowly walk around the items kept at the center.
  • Stop the music at random intervals. Everyone should freeze the moment when the music is turned off.
  • Fill a jar with small paper strips in which names of the items kept at the circle are written.
  • Draw out one of the papers from the jar and read out the name of the item written on it.
  • The person standing next to the item (written in the paper which you have withdrawn from the jar) would be out of the game.
  • Continue playing the music until a single person is left, who will be declared as the winner.

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