Halloween is time of the year to scare and be scared. It’s also the time for hosting some spooky Halloween parties. We bring you best of Halloween games that teens can play at these parties.

Halloween Games For Teenagers

Halloween is the time of the year when the spookies, creepies, crawlies and the scaries rule the roost. Everyone follows just one mantra - ‘the scarier and terrifying, the better it is’. Celebrated on October 31st of every year, Halloween is fun time for everyone. While children go on their trick or treat hunts, teens and adults have Halloween parties to attend, on the Halloween night or the nights leading up to it. But what’s a good Halloween party without great games. The spookiness of these parties is perfect to have some scary fun. In teen life, the thrills and chills are all the more interesting, because each experience feels much more fresh and fruitful. Therefore, all teenage parties should have some really ‘scary’ games that can haunt the mind and end the quest for thrills and adventure. Join us as we pick our lot of teenage Halloween party games.
Halloween Party Activities For Teens
Spooky Stories
So the whole environment is spooky and you are dressed up as one hot witch, but then the question, is why are people in a jolly mood? They should rather be anxious and stupefied. For this, all you need to do is narrate a spooky story and watch the guests go bewildered. A scary story always works to get that petrified look on the face. A bonfire in the backyard will be great scenario, but for the less fortunate ones, a candle in a dark room will also do. All the party guests should sit in a circle. Now, let the storytelling begin!
This can be done in two ways. First is the old ‘take your turn’ style, wherein each guest can share a spooky story of his/her own one at a time. The other and more exciting one is using everyone’s imagination. Let the host start telling a story. The story then rolls over to the next person in the circle, who in turn will start from where the host stopped. He/she would narrate what happened next. Plot by plot the story goes on and would end when the last player takes his/her turn. This can be a great way to test the horror skills of the budding adults.
Truth Or Dare: Halloween Special
It’s just the plain and simple truth or dare plays, but with a spooky twist. Instead of simple truths, you will be required to dish out your worst fears, creepiest nightmares and ghoulish wishes. The dares will also change, according to the location and inventory available. Before the party, insert pieces of paper with a truth or a dare inside black and orange balloons. Blow up the balloons and at the party give each teen a balloon. Have them pop, one at a time, and then tell the truth or do the dare, as listed. Now be sure that the game is played with proper care for people's feelings and their sensitivities as truth and dare can really get ugly, if you know what we mean.
Pumpkin Toss
Classics are always the best! Probably this is why they are given the tag of being a classic! For this, you may need to make a real trip to a nearby pumpkin patch and purchase the old pumpkins. The good thing is that though this game is massive fun, it would cost you very less time and money. The pumpkin patch guys may just give the old pumpkins to you in lieu of you just hauling them away! In a long driveway, set up a throwing line with a trash can (or any target you may like) a certain distance away. Then take turns throwing pumpkins, trying to get them to land in the trash can. This will be lots of fun and hordes of mess as pumpkins will break and sometimes scatter. In a more dangerous yet funny situation, you can use soft and ripe pumpkins to hit a person who loses a bet or is picked after a game.
Mr. Hal O’Ween’s Body Parts
This creepy and a bit disgusting game goes by many names, but the general idea is the same. You can have the guests sit in a circle in a darkened room to pass the “body parts” around so everyone gets a feel, or you can let guests feel one at a time inside boxes (without looking). Afterwards, let the teens try to guess what they are touching. Some ideas:
Hair - yarn, corn silk or a wig
Brains - cooked spaghetti
Heart - peeled tomato
Eyeballs - grapes
Tongue - banana
Teeth - popcorn kernels or small gravel rocks
Fingers - carrots or hot dogs
Nose - Carrot
Fingernails - almond slivers
Make sure cheating isn’t allowed and introduce some fake and confusing parts in between the scheme to double the fun quotient.
Bobbing For Treats
This game is fun for all age groups, and not just for teenagers! In a large bucket or container, float apples in water. Players would have to grab an apple, using only their teeth! Another version of this game is to try to eat a donut, hanging from string, using only their teeth. Another game for a more Halloween-ish effect would be to place worms (we mean the gummy ones not the real!) on a paper plate. Let there be one plate for each player. Next fill the plate with lots of whipped cream. Have players find the gummy worms, while keeping their hands behind their backs!

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