Bracelets of different colors are known to have unique meanings. Read through this article to know the meaning and symbolism of different colored bracelets.

Bracelet Color Meanings

Bracelets have a long history of evolution and have been worn by people for many centuries. Today, bracelets are popular fashion jewelry pieces worn by both men and women. Starting from bracelets made from precious metals to funky rubber, plastic, and beaded varieties, bracelets come in different types. Matching bracelets can be worn with any kind of outfits, be it traditional or chic modern clothes. However, did you ever know that the colors of the bracelets have their own significance? While green bracelets represent a calm mood, a pink colored bracelet symbolizes fear and anxiety. Further, have you ever heard of wish bracelets and what they symbolize? While black stands for self control and stability, white stands for spirituality, purification, and cleanliness. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? To find more about bracelet colors and their meanings browse through the next sections and find out some fascinating facts about bracelet color meanings that you have never known before.

Meanings Of Different Colored Bracelets 

Friendship Bracelet Color Meanings
  • String and bead bracelets are popular friendship bracelets that are gifted to friends
  • While an orange bracelet is meant for best pals, red bracelet represents love.
  • We all know that yellow is the color for friendship, so you might want to gift a yellow bracelet to your friend that will symbolize your friendship.
Wish Bracelets And Their Color Meanings
  • As the name implies, wish bracelets are worn to fulfill wishes. These bracelets are mostly popular among teenagers.
  • Red symbolizes courage, confidence, passion, lust, and confidence
  • Indigo wish bracelets symbolize meditation, contemplation, and intuition.
  • If your wish is to stay in peace, go for a blue wish bracelet.
  • If you portray beauty, love, and calmness, pink is the color for you.
Color Meanings For Mood Bracelets
  • If you are a person with mixed emotions, amber will be the right color to express your mood.
  • If you are stressed or nervous, black is the ideal color for you.
  • Brown wish bracelets symbolize a restless person.
  • Gray mood bracelets can be worn instead of black as both convey the same meaning – anxiety, tension, and nervousness.
  • If you are a person who possesses a calm mood, then green is the color for you.
  • People who are passionate and romantic can pick up purple mood bracelets to convey their temperament.
  • If you are a happy-go-lucky kind of person, blue is the right mood bracelet for you.
  • People who are creative and have a good imagination can wear yellow bracelets.
Gel Bracelets Color Meanings
  • Different colored gel bracelets help you spread awareness about different causes.
  • If you want to spread awareness for kidney donation, wear a green bracelet. A green bracelet also spreads awareness about the protection of trees.
  • While orange symbolizes awareness for multiple sclerosis, blue gel bracelets can be worn to spread awareness for diabetes.
  • Pink gel bracelets are meant for spreading awareness for breast cancer.
  • A bi-color bracelet (half blue and half red) is a typical sign for leprosy awareness.
  • A red bracelet conveys a message for heart problems.
  • To spread the message about pancreatic cancer, go for a violet bracelet.
  • Wearing a golden bracelet spreads awareness about the hazards of smoking. 
Spiritual Bracelet Color Meanings
  • The blue bracelet represents the Holy Spirit in Christianity.
  • If you believe in salvation and peace, a golden bead bracelet is the one you should be wearing.
  • While white represents heaven, black represents sin and evil.

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