This friendship day, surprise your friend with a beautiful yarn bracelet! Here are some tips on how to make ‘out of this world’ yarn bracelets.

How To Make Yarn Bracelets

“I would give you the moon if I could, but sadly it doesn’t come easy. Would a bracelet I made do?” Are you thinking of scribbling those words on the big card you made for friendship day, along with the beautiful yarn bracelet you intend to make? These heartfelt words can only make sense with that wonderful bracelet, in your friends’ favorite colors. However, there lies one teensy bit of a problem; you are at your wits end when it comes to figuring out how to make the bracelet. True, you could always save up and buy a flashy expensive looking bracelet, but it wouldn’t hold the same emotional value, by any means. The extra effort, in figuring out how to make it and eventually making it, just adds more meaning to any gift. And, the glee on your friend’s face when you present this gift is priceless and totally worth the effort! Imagine you and her walking hand in hand adorning the same bracelet with the widest smiles in the world! If you want to turn that visual into a reality, read on further to know all about how to make yarn bracelets!
Making Yarn Bracelets
  • First things first, go to the nearest departmental store and pick up strands of yarn. Make sure you get at least three different colors, preferably the colors your friend likes. People love it when they realize that you know their likes and dislikes! Or you can pick colors that will perfectly match your friend’s skin color!
  • Take the three strands of yarn and align them properly, leaving about 3-5 inch length and making an overhand knot. This forms the tail of the bracelet. Secure the tail of the bracelet properly. Using a cellophane tape, stick it to the edge of a table. This makes it easier to handle the yarn. After this make a simple braid out of the three strands of yarn till the desired length is achieved. Secure the other end with another overhand knot and voila! Your colorful yarn bracelet is ready!
  • If you want your bracelet to look a little more complex, you could always weave the yarn, instead of braiding it. Follow the same steps as above and secure the tail of the bracelet to the table; however instead of braiding it, hold the first strand and wrap it over the second, such that there is a knot. Take the first string again and bring it through this knot. Make knots till you get an entire row. You could have multiple rows with multiple strands, which would give the bracelet a regal look.
  • The finishing touches include trimming the extra yarn at the tail ends. You could also stick glitter on your bracelet to make it glow, or leave some residue on your friend’s wrist. Once you are familiar with braiding you can increase the number of yarn strands up to seven and create a thick beautiful bracelet.
  • You could customize it further by using beaded yarn. Beads that go with the color of the yarn or wooden beads will give the bracelet an earthier look. If you are someone who is more into shiny, glittery stuff, then you could always use glass beads! Glass beads are expensive, but extend the bracelet a classy and elegant charm! You could also experiment with shapes, and have star-shaped beads to cylindrical shaped beads. Use vibrant colors, while picking the beads.
  • If your friend strongly believes in a cause, then you could use the same color combination for the bracelet as the cause. For example, if ‘going green’ is what she believes in, getting different shades of green yarn threads would do the trick. However, make sure to add yellow beads so that the bracelet is not overtly green.  

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