Let your loved ones have a good laugh over their Christmas gifts. Check out some funny and humorous Christmas gift ideas with this article.

Funny Christmas Gifts

It’s Christmas time again! A time to exchange wishes and greetings with near and dear ones! A time to present gifts as a sign of love and appreciation! A time to make the most of the holiday season in remembering Jesus Christ and celebrating the blissful festival! While everyone is busy in surfing the net and ransacking the store shelves in search of the best gifts to present on Christmas, how about trying something new and going the funny way to greet your well wishers? Not only will these funny and crazy gifts bring a smile on your recipients’ faces, but they will also be cherished by them for years to come. The joy and laughter that you will receive in return would definitely be second to none of the Christmas gifts received so far. Take a sneak peek into the lines below and check out the different wacky and weird gift ideas this Christmas. Take your pick!
Humorous Christmas Gift Ideas
Backwards Clock
Everyone checks out time in the same old traditional fashion. How about looking at the time backwards? Strangely weird, right! Pick up a clock that actually goes backwards giving you a chance to relive those happy and cherished moments. This wacky Christmas gift is sure to make a funny present for your loved one, giving some moments to have a hilarious laugh.
Electric Shock Sweet Jar
Imagine every time, you stretch your hand to pull open the lid of a sweet jar, what you receive is all a mild electric shock! Funny and bizarre as the name suggests, electric shock sweet jar is sure to give a crazy surprise. Let those loved ones of yours beware of the junk that they gorge upon throughout the day. A better way to ‘start dieting’! However, ensure that you do not give this to heart patients or kids under 14 years of age.
Ping Pong Ball Fall
Instead of having just a single ball fall on anyone who enters your home or room, let them have a dozen ping pong balls fall unexpectedly. Grab some ping pong balls and paint them into Christmas colors of red and green. Pile them up and set them carefully in a kitchen cupboard. Ask the recipient to near the target on the excuse of getting something. Little will the person know that his Christmas gift is eagerly awaiting him?
Christmas Caricature
Catch up with an artist and have him make a cartoon sketch of the recipient highlighting a prominent feature of that person’s body part or face. Get him dressed in a Christmas outfit, such as a Santa suit or an elf costume. Gift the person the sketch along with a sweet note stating how special the person looks with that exaggerated feature. Make sure that the caricature does not hurt or offend the recipient and is only rubs the funny side of him/her.
Rocket Pen
This is one of the best humorous Christmas gifts for colleagues and coworkers who love doing crazy things, such as shooting rubber bands or bending paperclips into different shapes. Get a rocket pen easily available at stationery shops or gift stores. Not only weird, this inexpensive gift will keep your colleague occupied for hours.

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