Are you wondering what to gift your uncle, who is turning 50 next month, on his birthday? Go through the article, to explore some funny 50th birthday gag gift ideas.

Gag Gifts For 50th Birthday

Do you wake up every morning and recite to yourself ‘18 till I die!’? Know that you are not the only one. We all wish the same, but old age seems to win the race hands down. Dawning really fast, old age creeps upon us suddenly, pulling us down and making us think if the life that we’ve been leading so far, was good enough or not. This is one main reason as to why people get all sentimental about their 50th birthday. 50th birthday doesn’t just signify that you’ve aged - it also brings back to life those unfulfilled desires that you could never lay your hands upon. And that’s reason enough to remind people that life may not always have been how they had planned, but is a collection of all those joyous moments, which came from unanticipated events. Sudden events break the monotony of life and show us a way that we would never have taken consciously. For those of you who are all set to celebrate the 50th birthday of your parents, close relative or a distant cousin, you would be definitely looking for gift ideas. Though you would want to gift the person a beautiful collage of his/her life and people who mattered to him/her, beware as that would only make the person feel older and sadder on account of aging. Instead, step out of the cliché and think of something new and interesting which would add a dash of verve and enthusiasm in the remaining life of the person. Surprise him/her with an unanticipated gag gift that would remind him/her that aging 50 is just another age—just another phase and that life ahead need not be a boring one. 
Funny 50th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas
Fun Basket
Make a basket of fun for the birthday person. It is said that old age is same as childhood. So, take a gorgeous basket and be prepared to wrap it up even beautifully. But the question is, what do you fill in it? Simple, the kiddy stuff! Fill the basket with kiddy diapers, water ducks and other such kiddy toys and wrap it up with a tag saying “Young At Heart” or “For the newest kid in town” or make it a little sentimental by saying “Welcome back to innocence”.
Lollipop Stunt
Cut out a cake shape in Styrofoam and place 50 lollipops over it. Attach a note to the cake saying “That sure wouldn’t hurt your teeth” or “To balance to blood sugar levels”. Surprise the birthday person by giving him/her the present at midnight. You can also create another unique gift by placing the 50 lollipops in a flower pot using Styrofoam. Attach a note to the flowerpot saying “50 Sucks!”.
Clock Back Stunt
Get a backwards clock. As the name suggests, it would be a clock which is reverse of normal clock in every way. The numbers could be reverse or upside down with the clock hands doing rounds in the anti-clockwise direction. Checking time in this clock will no doubt be a feat of gigantic proportions, but such a clock is sure to make people roll over the floor with laughter. And what better way to “Turn Back Time” literally for people who can’t wait to be 20 again!
Funny One-Liners
Customized T-shirts, sweatshirts, buttons, posters and mugs etc, make excellent gag gifts. Buy something plain and then get any funny age-related message on it. You can also use a photograph to feature with the text. Add the birthday person's name and birth date as well. Here are some ideas for sayings:
  • I'm not 50. I'm 49 and holding.
  • I'm not 50. I'm 18, with 32 years of experience.
  • 50!!?? I demand a recount!
  • I'm not 50. I'm 25. Twice.
  • It took me 50 years to look this good.
  • Celebrating the 22nd Anniversary of my 18th Birthday!

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