Parties make our life interesting and exciting. Check out some of the game ideas for a 50th wedding anniversary party.

50th Anniversary Party Games

A 50th anniversary, or golden anniversary, is one of the most feted occasions in life. It is indeed, a proud event for the couple who have spent half a century of their lives together. Celebrate the 50th anniversary by playing several fun games/activities to make this occasion extremely special for the couple. Games make our lives interesting and stimulating. Often parties are labeled boring, because people don’t have things to do .One just has to go greet the host, eat, gossip and come back. To look at it this way, we might as well enjoy in our comfortable homes, cook some good food and relax. Games, when played in a party, evoke a sense of energy and revitalize the spirit of the gathering. Though games for a 50th anniversary party need not be too strenuous, there should definitely be some activities to keep the buzz alive in the get together. Check out some of the games/activities you could use for a 50th anniversary party.
50th Wedding Anniversary Party Game Ideas
Interview the couple celebrating their 50th anniversary with about 10 questions from guests. Hand out some blank sheets of paper and pencils to all the guests and ask them to write down a few questions about the couple and write down what they think the answers could be. For example, "Where did the couple meet?" "What was their favorite song?" etc. This will enable the guests to learn more about the couple, and whosoever gets the most answers right, could win a small prize. Have fun!
Balloon Game
Write on different strips of paper “You get nothing”, “No prize for you”, “Try again”, and one with the couple’s name on it. Put the strips of paper into the balloons so that everyone has a balloon with a strip of paper in it. Then, blow up the balloons. Give each guest a balloon. Have each participant try to use any method that they possibly can to try and pop the balloon. The guest who pops the balloon with the couple’s name in it wins a prize!
Dance Baby Dance
Select two players amongst the guests, one from each sex. Turn on the music (fast or slow) and make them dance to the music, as a couple. After a few seconds, turn off the music and ask both of them to take new partners from amongst the other guests. Continue to do this till all the guests in the party, are on the dance floor.
Guess The Couple In The Photo Game
Collect one wedding picture of each couple attending the party, including the wedding picture of the anniversary couple. Place each picture in a frame and allot a number to each of the frames before displaying them at the party. Give each couple the list of all the couples whose pictures have been displayed and ask them to identify the couples’ photographs. Most couples will not be able to recognize other couples, which will make this game even more exciting. At the end of the party, you can announce the right answers. The couple with the most correct answers will win the prize.
Name That Tune
Select popular songs that most couples are familiar with. Record the audio clips of only 5 to 10 seconds of each song. Get the guests to form two groups. Play the audio clip of each song and ask the participants of each team to guess the song. One point is awarded to the team with every correct answer. The team with the highest points wins the game. Prizes are distributed to the winners of this game.
The Year That Was…
This is a trivia quiz game to test the memory of the participants. This fun game is based on certain categories such as famous people, events, music, sports and so on. Prepare a list of questions pertaining to each of the categories. Hand out pens and sheets of paper to the participants so that they can write down their answers. The participant with most number of right answers wins a small prize.
Chinese Whispers
This is truly an interesting game that will be enjoyed by all. The participants are seated in a huge circle and one person will make a statement. This person will have to pass this message by whispering the statement into the ear of the next participant. The message will be passed from one participant to the other in a chain and the last person is asked to recite the statement aloud. The statement should match the first statement and if not, each person will have to recite their message to identify the participant who made the error.

A 50th anniversary celebration is really a rare and joyous occasion. Make this golden anniversary a day to remember, by organizing fun games/activities for the couple and all the guests present in the party.

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