Games are popular means of entertainment. Look out for some interesting game ideas for 25th wedding anniversary party.

25th Anniversary Party Games

Party games are synonymous with fun and enjoyment. In fact, a party without the incorporation of interesting and amazing games can be almost considered as incomplete. Generally, people have the notion that games are meant for a birthday party, reunion party or youngster party only. However, games are popular means of entertainment that can be used for a silver jubilee party of a couple as well. One can understand that games of a physical nature do not go well with 25th wedding anniversary party, but the ones that have bits of trivia involved can possibly recreate riots of laughter. These games can, in fact, change the entire mood of the gathering, from dull and boring to amusing and exciting. Look out for some interesting games that you can play on a 25th anniversary party.
25th Anniversary Party Game Ideas
Prior to the party, prepare a set of game sheets, with the numbers 1 to 25 written on one side and the same number of anniversary gifts (listed in random order) on the other. As the game starts, each couple is provided a copy of the sheet and has to match each anniversary gift to the appropriate year. This may seem an easy task, but could prove to be quite unnerving. The pair with the maximum number of correct answers will be the winner.
Passing The Parcel
This party game involves a lot of fun and activity. All you have to do is wrap an interesting gift in several layers of paper or gift foil. For each layer of paper unfolded, you have to perform a dare or a task decided beforehand. The game starts with passing of the parcel, on the start of the music, from one person to the other, as they sit in a circle. As the music stops, the guests holding the parcel should open a single layer of the paper and perform the task. The music then starts again and continues until the last wrap of paper is unfolded and the ‘main’ gift is opened.
Fun Trivia
On the 25th anniversaryparty, a fun game would be to have trivia questions prepared about the couple, which have to be answered by the guests. You can also have options as the answers. Every right answer wins a prize. The questions should be from different phases of the couple's life together, so that many people can participate, including the oldest as well as the newest friends.
Sing Along
For this game, you need to prepare slips of paper with different "wedding related" words written on them, like bridal, bouquet, chapel, groom, bride, etc. Fold them properly and put them into a jar. Divide the guests into two teams - A and B. One of the members from team A will pick a slip from the jar and read the word aloud. Thereafter, the team has to sing a song with that word in it. After that, it team B's turn. The game continues till one of the teams gets stumped.

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