50th anniversary party favors will make the occasion memorable. Explore favor ideas for your 50th wedding anniversary party.

50th Anniversary Party Favors

Favors are amongst those essential things that make your party a memorable affair. They serve as a record of your party in the mind and the heart of your guests, constantly reminding them of the amazing celebration they had attended. At the same time, they are a way of thanking the guests for their esteemed presence. A golden jubilee party definitely calls for favors, as you not only want the presence of your guests there, but would also love to have the most special occasion in your life remembered by them. With this article, explore the favors ideas for your 50th wedding anniversary party, picking the one that suits you the most. Let this be a memorable event in the minds of all your friends and family members. Deciding on the favors can be quite mind boggling and confusing at times. However, do not get tensed or worked up as we have provided some very unique and beautiful party favor ideas here, which will be just perfect for your 50th anniversary party.
50th Anniversary Party Favor Ideas 
  • A high quality chocolate bar, with the wrapper personalized to commemorate the day.
  • A bag of chocolates; wrapped in golden foil and tied with a golden ribbon.
  • A beautiful brocade pouch, filled with chocolates, wrapped in gold foil, and tied with a gold tassel.
  • A small, gold tone picture frame, with a portrait of the celebrating couple
  • A split of champagne that has been personalized for the event
  • A mini vase with gold accents, filled with artificial flowers.
  • A current trend is to give a gift to the couple's favorite charity in their name, in lieu of party favors. Give all the guests a small card with a thank you note for attending the party and informing them of the donation as well.
  • Little wedding bells can make wonderful wedding anniversary favors. You can find golden ones and have them engraved. The guests can ring these at the party and the honored couple will have to share a kiss each time the bell rings.
  • A CD containing all the tunes and melodies that will be played during the party is a good idea. This will remind the guests of all the beautiful moments that they shared with both of you during the party.
  • If you want to capture the magical of the moment in a very personalized manner, you can consider charmed bracelets for both men and women. You can either purchase them commercially or hand-craft these bracelets from trinkets and decorative pendants that are signifiers of important things in your life.
  • Beautiful and decorative candle favors also can add to the magic of the occasion. They come in different size and shapes and can be like an exquisite remainder of the beautiful occasion the guests shared with you and your partner.
  • Personalized glass mugs can also be used for gifting your guests as party favors.
  • A truly unique idea would be gifting each of your guests with an album containing all the moments they spent during the anniversary party.

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