Giving favors is a nice ways of thanking your guests. Check out some unique favor ideas for 25th wedding anniversary party.

25th Anniversary Party Favors

'Favors' is the name given to gifts that the host of a party gives to the guests, thanking them for their time and presence. The same holds true for 25th wedding anniversary party as well. By giving favors, a couple thanks their guests for coming and wishing them on the successful completion of 25 years of their journey together. 25th Anniversary party favors will help imprint your party in the long term memories of your guests. Each time they see the gift, they would be reminded of the wonderful party you had thrown. Explore some unique favor ideas for 25th anniversary party.
25th Anniversary Party Favor Ideas 
  • One of the best gifts for your 25th anniversary party would comprise of silver-plated tea sets, but only if your budget allows for the same.
  • A wedding anniversary party is meant to celebrate years of togetherness. So, what better favor for your guests than silver color wedding bells!
  • Traditionally used to serve Southern mint julep cocktail, petite mint julep cups are used as vases these days. Why not give them as party favors?
  • If majority of the people in your party love to have a drink, then mini cocktail shakers would be the perfect memento for the anniversary.
  • Personalized floating candle, with name of the couple as well as the date of their wedding engraved on it, would make one of the best favors.
  • Chocolate and hearts are regarded as symbols of love. Combine them together, in the form of silver-foil covered chocolate hearts, and give as favors.
  • If you are considering picture frames as your 25th wedding anniversary party favors, why not be a bit different and go for arc style ones!
  • Stainless-steel bar tools! This is one favor that will surely be appreciated by all those who love to have a drink in the evening, after a hard day at work!
  • You can also give photo frames to the people coming to the party, in silver color (if you want something reasonable) or silver metal (if you have the budget).
  • If you want something that would come in daily use of the guests (in turn, reminding them of your parts), going for a personalized coffee mug is the best option.
  • Yet another wonderful gift that will remind people of the 25 years of your life as a couple would comprise of silver heart-shaped paper weights.
  • If almost everyone present in your party is a wine/ champagne lover, then going for corkscrew and stopper set is a great idea!
  • Go ahead and get 25th anniversary votive cups for all your guests. It will remind them of your party for a long time to come.
  • Want to give an edible gift on your 25th anniversary? Go for personalized wedding cake cookies, which mention the year of your wedding as well.
  • If you want gift that is reasonable as well as practical, then going for card holders (in silver color) will make a very good option.

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