Christmas games make a party interesting, whether it is for kids or adults. Read on to explore some entertaining Christmas party game ideas for adults.

Christmas Games For Adults

The term 'party' is synonymous with Christmas. As the holiday season starts, people get busy in attending as well as throwing parties. The latter part is much tougher than the former and involves a lot of preparation. You have to make sure that the guests receive the invitation on time, like the food, enjoy the music and do not get bored. For the last part, party games come handy, whether the guests are kids or adults. Are you having a Christmas party at home and looking for some games to keep the adult guests busy and make them enjoy themselves? The Christmas game ideas for adults, listed in the lines below, will surely come to your rescue.
Christmas Games For Adults
Santa Beard
Divide the players into two or three teams, depending on their number. Provide each team with a jar of petroleum jelly and a bag of cotton balls. As the game starts, one of the members will apply petroleum jelly on the chin of each of his team members. Then, he will stick cotton balls on their chin, in such a way that it gets covered completely. The team which has all the participants adorned with Santa beard, in the least time, will be declared as the winner.
Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger hunt is one of the games that can be used in kids' as well as adults' Christmas party. The extent of the hunt will be entirely your choice. You can keep it limited to your house or stretch it throughout the shops in your town. Make sure to keep Christmas-related items in the hunt, such as red stocking, a sprig of holly, a wreath, holiday-themed cereal, and so on. The team that accumulates the maximum items on the scavenger list, in the given time, or comes back first, with all the items, will be declared as the winner.
Who Am I
This is a very interesting game that perfectly suits the Christmas theme. All you have to do is think out the names of Christmas related Characters, such as Santa Claus, Rudolph the Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman and Scrooge, and write each on a separate piece of paper. At the start of the game, pin one of the slips on the back of each person. Now, they have to guess the name pinned on their back, by asking questions from other guests, which can be answered only in either 'yes' or 'no'. Explanatory answers cannot be given.
Gift Wrapping Game
Christmas has always been associated with gifts, so a gift wrapping game seems to be the most appropriate for a Christmas party. Give each of the participants a gift wrap paper, a roll of tape, scissors, ribbon, and a box. As you say 'go', all of them will start wrapping the box, but using one hand only. The person who wraps his gift in a proper way, adorning it with the ribbon as well, in the minimum time will be declared the winner.

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