Christmas games for teens should be very funny as well as exciting. Explore the article to know about Christmas party game ideas for teenagers.

Christmas Games For Teens

Christmas comes just once a year and is indeed, one of the most enjoyable occasions for all. The holiday season provides umpteen opportunities for us to have limitless fun with family and friends. This is usually in the form of enthralling parties, where you can let go of all your worries and enjoy and become one with the spirit of Christmas. The best way to boost the festive mood in parties is to include exciting games and activities in the party agenda. Games will give an opportunity or chance to socialize with new friends, making Christmas even more enjoyable. Play games that cater to the different age groups present in the party, so that everyone gets a chance to have a good time. Teenagers are extremely enthusiastic and love playing games that give them the opportunity to show off their skills. If you are looking for some Christmas games for teenagers, then read this article. Given below are some nice Christmas party game ideas for teenagers, which will definitely make the party a whole lot interesting!
Game Ideas For Teenagers
What Is In The Stocking?
Things Required
  • Christmas stockings
  • Miniature ball ornaments, candy canes, sprigs of mistletoe and wrapped chocolate bars
  • Satin ribbons
  • Papers and pens
  • Stop watch
How To Play
  • Fill the stockings with ball ornaments, candy canes, mistletoe and chocolate bars. Make sure that there is an equal number of these items in each stocking.
  • After the stockings are filled with all the stuff, tie satin ribbons around each stocking.
  • Hand over a stocking to each one of the guests.
  • Set a time limit of two minutes and ask the participants to ‘feel’ the items present inside the stockings and write down the objects he/she thinks they are.
  • After the time is over, collect the papers from the participants.
  • The participant who has made the maximum number of correct guesses wins the game.
  • Hand over the treats filled in the stockings to the winner as well as other participants for participating and being sports.
Toss The Christmas Cards
Things Required
  • Christmas cards
  • Laundry basket
  • Stop watch
How To Play
  • Get a dozen small-sized Christmas greeting cards.
  • Assemble the participants in one end of the room.
  • Place the laundry basket at a distance from the players.
  • Set a time limit of one minute.
  • Give a chance to each player to toss the Christmas cards into the laundry basket. The cards must land in the basket and not just touch and bounce off. 
  • The one with the most number of cards in the basket wins the game.
  • Offer small treats, such as candy canes, to the winner.
Christmas Pictionary
Things Required
  • Colored dry erase markers
  • White board on an easel
  • Eraser
  • Christmas cards
  • Stop watch
How To Play
  • Prepare Christmas pictionary cards way ahead of time by writing down phrases, song titles, characters or words related to Christmas on the back of the cards.
  • Organize the participants into two teams.
  • Ask one participant from the first team to pick a card from the lot.
  • The participant should draw the song/word/phrase/character, using a marker on the whiteboard. The image should relate to what is given in the card.
  • The other members of the team should guess the song, phrase, word, or character within a stipulated time, maximum 2 minutes.
  • If the team answers correctly, they win a point.
  • The game continues until all the cards are drawn.
Christmas Anagrams
Things Required
  • Pens
  • Sheets of paper
  • Stop watch
How To Play
  • Organize the participants into groups of threes or fives.
  • Provide each team with a pen and a sheet of paper.
  • Announce a word or phrase related to Christmas and ask the members of each team to write down as many words as possible using only the letters of that particular word or phrase.
  • The groups have to come up with as many words as possible within a time limit.
  • The group, with the most number of words, wins the game.
Snowball Toss
Things Required
  • 2 large bags of marshmallows
How To Play
  • Get the participants to form 2 teams.
  • Give each team a large bag of marshmallows.
  • Make the two teams face each other.
  • The first person in each team throws a marshmallow into the opposing team’s mouths.
  • If the person catches the marshmallow, he will join the throwing team.
  • The team that gets all their teammates out first will win the game.
Christmas is a great time for celebration and joy. What better way to enjoy Christmas than playing fun games with your friends and family? Here some amazing Christmas games for teens to inspire you!

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