Cheap Valentines Day gifts, if presented with heartfelt feelings, can prove to be priceless. In this article, we have provided ideas for choosing inexpensive Valentine's Day presents.

Cheap Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is the day of love and passion; it is the time when everyone in the world is busy expressing their love for their partners. Everywhere you see you find beautiful red long stem roses, restaurants and pubs decorated with little red hearts and our silly old cupid’s little statues, arrows aimed at the hearts of the lovebirds. Love is in the air, and rightly so. This is the day, exclusive out of all the days in a year, set aside for love and romance; which means you have the permission to be as corny as you can be. This is the day when you can get away with heart-shaped rose-tinted sunglasses or a red shirt in the middle of the day, it will only symbolize that you are deeply in love with someone and you are not afraid to wear your heart on the sleeve. We all expect from our partners to make us feel special on Valentine’s Day and simultaneously we work hard to make our partner feel the same way. It’s that time of the year when expression of love becomes imminent and staying behind the scenes, all shy and coy, is a crime. And if in case you are single and very much ready to mingle, then Valentine’s Day is your best bet. It is the time when you can confess to your secret crush openly that you have fallen head over heels for him/her and he/she would not mind it. You might just end up with a wonderful date on the Valentine’s Day. It is also a perfect opportunity for a couple to rekindle their love. If you have been busy with your work schedules and because of the daily chores and demands, have lost the will to express or even think about the love you and your partner have for each other, then this is your day. Shake off the shackles of demanding life, forget everything else and spend this wonderful day of love in the arms of your partner. One sure shot way to make your partner feel special on the Valentine’s Day is to gift them something that they will always remember your love by. This gift does not have to be a Cartier watch or a Gucci clutch, it can be a cheap gift adorned thoughtfully with your love. Here in this article, we have mentioned ideas for such cheap Valentine’s Day gifts.

Cheap Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  • Romantic Homemade Dinner: You can create a sentimental dining experience for your lover. You do not have to go too far for it, your backyard can be the perfect location if you will decorate it with soft lights and set up a table lit up with candle light. Share exotic finger food with red wine and listen to some romantic music. Sitting with you, under the starlit sky, your lover will definitely feel special.
  • Valentine’s Day Picnic: You can organize a cute picnic for you and your lover. Find a beautiful location, may be in a field or by the lake side and take your picnic basket along. Share food and drinks and bask in the sun whilst resting your head on your partner’s chest; what could be a better Valentine’s Day gift!
  • Jar Of Love: Get an antique looking jar from a thrift shop and decorate it from the outside. Write love notes on pieces of paper and fill it in the jar. This jar will be the representation of your love. Whenever your lover wants, he/she can read a note from the jar and will know how much you love him/her. It is a novel idea; it will end up putting a big smile on your lover’s face.
  • Love Balloons: Write love notes and insert them into balloons. Spread the blown up balloons all over the house and ask your lover to pop them to see how much you love him/her.
  • Love Hunt: Plan a treasure hunt and leave the clues all over the house. Make sure these clues are related to your love story and the ultimate treasure of the treasure hunt would be you. So your lover has to find you by following the clues. You can make sure that when your lover finally finds you, he/she should find you with a rose in your hand. Hug him/her and confess your love. This will fill your lover with warmth and happiness.
  • Red Roses: Make a bunch of a dozen red roses. Wrap the flowers in a satin ribbon and attach a message card with them. 
  • Handmade Greeting Card: Create a beautiful greeting card at home and pen-down a sweet, short and simple message, expressing love for your valentine.
  • Love Statues: Miniature statues of love pair, flowers and pets, made of plastics, plaster of Paris, China clay or porcelain, are inexpensive as well as attractive Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • Singing Love Symbol: Battery-operated red colored love symbols, with lights and sound effects, make inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • Gift Basket: Fill a heart-shaped gift basket with chocolate cookies. Gift-wrap the basket and add a satin pink ribbon as the final addition.
  • Homemade Cake: Bake a cake for your valentine. Write a message on the cake and present it to him/her.
  • Gourmet Coffees, With A Coffee Mug: Coffee in exotic flavors will be delight for the taste buds! Pair it with a personalized coffee mug and present it to your beloved.
  • Handmade Photo Collage: On a large sheet of cardboard, make a collage of photographs, which will remind your lover of the precious moments you two have spent together. This will be cherished for a long time to come.
  • Music CD: If your valentine is an ardent music lover, then presenting a CD of his/her favorite songs will be a good idea.
  • Grooming Products: Make a gift basket, with an assortment of grooming products of his/her choice. Cover it with a red colored wrapping paper and attach a love note to it. This will prove to be a useful gift for your beauty-conscious lover.
  • Chocolate Bars, Tied With A Ribbon: A sweet Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart will be a bunch of chocolate bars, which have been tied with a red satin ribbon.
  • Movie Theater Gift Certificates: Present him/her a gift certificate of the nearest theater and accompany your lover for a romantic flick.
  • Handbags: If designer handbags seem to be pricey, go for the ones available in discount outlets. There, you will find handbags that are as attractive as the designer ones, but very reasonable.

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