Inexpensive gifts for teens include those things that are not childish, yet within your budget. Go through this article and find cheap gift ideas for teenagers.

Inexpensive Gifts For Teens

It’s absolutely difficult to buy gifts for teens; if you are a parent to a teen, reading this, then you must know what we are talking about. Their minds are always changing and so are their choices and likes and dislikes. But that is what teenage is all about; changing hormones and changing preferences. But that does not mean that you as a parent or aunt or uncle should feel jitters every time the task of gifting a teenage should come on your head. It is the best deal when your teenager comes straight to you and asks for something. It is the clean situation; he/she puts his/her hand on something and you pay for it. But what about the times when you have to surprise your teenager and you have absolutely no clue what he/she wants? You certainly do not want a situation where your teenager opens up the present and look crushed and disappointed. You also do not want to stand in the queue at the customer service for hours just to get it replaced or returned. You cannot even gift your precious one a store card, for it does not express any of your sentiments. It is impersonal and does not show any efforts from your side. One thing that makes it a little easier to gift something to a teenager is the fact that all the teenagers like cool things, the things that set them apart. If their peers have got it, then they want it as well; which means that anything new in the market or in demand must become a part of your teen’s collection. To buy a gift for a teenager, you have to start thinking like one. Get into their skin and think what they would like. After all, you were a teen once; it should not be difficult for you to think like a teenager for some time. You should not get teens something expensive because their likes and dislikes are transitory in that age. What they like today they will certainly discard tomorrow. You should aim at getting them something that is momentary, something that will appeal to their senses for a while and they can throw it out as soon as they get bored with it. Which means it should be inexpensive so that when your teenager rejects it, it will not leave you thinking about all the money that you wasted on it. If you do not have creative ideas to buy inexpensive gifts for teens then here we are for you! Read the article and get wonderful ideas on inexpensive gifts for teens.
Cheap Gift Ideas For Teens
Webcam: With the new trend coming up in digitalizing everything and all the communication becoming internet based, get your teen a webcam so that he/she can keep in touch with his/her pals. Voice to voice communication is not enough these days, it is got to be face to face now. This will make your teen very happy and he/she can show it off to friends.
Shopper: Get your teen a cool shopper so that every time he/she goes out on shopping, he/she can flaunt it. These days you can get many great options in shoppers, like: for girls there are themes of fairy tales and fashion based themes available in shoppers, while boys can have rock theme based shoppers. It will not cost anything to you but for your teen it will become a cool accessory.
Bean Bag: You can get these in any color or get them custom made with the picture of your teen’s favorite movie star or team’s on it. Teens love these chairs because these are very comforting and they can sit on it and chat with their friends, use laptop while sitting on it or play video games comfortably. These bean bag chairs also make cool lounge chairs.
i-Pod: Teenagers and music have a special relation. There is hardly any teen who does not love to listen to his/ her favorite songs. So, what better gift for him/ her, other than an i-Pod player! With the rise in competition, the prices of such gadgets have come down to quite an extent, making them pretty reasonable.
i-Pod Dock: Who wakes up to alarm clocks these days when you can wake up to your favorite tune. Any gift related to iPod will make your teen very happy because it is the cool thing these days. This will make for a wonderful gift, especially if your teen owns an apple music product already.
Collection of CDs: If you are aware of the favorite music genre/ band/ artist of your teenage kid, then a CD collection of the same would be a great gift idea, which would be quite inexpensive as well. In case you do not want to buy the collection, download his/ her favorite songs from the internet and burn a CD yourself.
Sudoku Set: In the present times, crosswords are just so passé. Sudoku is the new name of the game. Be it kids, teens or mature adults, everybody seems to have been enveloped in this craze. What are you waiting for! Just go ahead, buy a box of Sudoku game for your teenager and see the perfect smile on his/her face.
Subscription to Teenager Magazine: Gone are the days when reading magazines used to be the sole prerogative of women. Today, even teenagers have a set of magazines catering to their tastes and interests. So, why not gift your teen with a monthly subscription of his/ her favorite magazine, for a complete year.
Wrist Watch: When it comes to inexpensive presents for teens, you cannot go wrong with a wristwatch. It has become one of the most trusted fashion accessories to be flaunted by the teens of today. Do make sure to keep the taste of your kid in mind, while buying the same.
Other Gifts
  • Box of Chocolates
  • Electronic journal
  • Video games
  • Puzzle games
  • Bicycle
  • Board games
  • Skateboard
  • Funky jewelry
  • Hobby-related gifts
  • Portable DVD player
  • Cologne/Perfume
  • Movie tickets
  • Books by his/her favorite author
  • Gift certificate for the local store
  • iTunes gift card
  • picture frames and photo albums
  • Unique alarm clock
  • Hats and sunglasses
  • T-shirt, with a witty quote
  • Personalized Jute bag
  • Leather wallet
  • Personalized coffee mug
  • Digital flipbook
  • Video game console accessories
  • Scarf
  • Winter gloves
  • Hooded-sweatshirt

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