Valentines Day trivia lists out some interesting facts and information related to the day reserved for celebration of love. Read on to explore fun Valentine's Day trivia.

Valentines Day Trivia

Valentine's Day is the day on which love is celebrated throughout the world. Be it your partner, parents, siblings or friends, you can express your love to anyone close to you, on this day. Celebrated on 14th February every year, Valentine's Day sees people giving gifts to those who are special to them, with their romantic interest being on the top of the list. There are many interesting facts associated with the day, such as it was in 1840s that the first batch of Valentine Day cards was made commercially, given the name of trivia. In the following lines, we have provided fun trivia associated with Valentine's Day.
Interesting Facts & Information on Valentine’s Day 
  • Valentine's Day is named after the Patron Saint - Saint Valentine.
  • Around 15% of U.S. women are believed to send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day.
  • Valentine's Day is believed to have its roots in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia.
  • It was around 496 that Pope Gelasius I renamed Lupercalia festival as Valentine's Day and moved its date to from February 15th to 14th.
  • It has been estimated that as many as one billion cards are sent world-wide each year, on Valentine's Day.
  • Shakespeare made a reference to Valentine's Day in his play 'Hamlet', (Act 4, Scene 5)
  • It has been estimated, by Greeting Card Association, that of all the people who purchase cards on Valentine's Day, around 85 percent are women.
  • NECCO has been making heart-shaped valentine candies, with sweet sayings printed on them, since 1902.
  • It was only in the 1980s that the diamond industry began to promote Valentine's Day as occasion for gifting diamond jewelry.
  • Elton John-Renate Blauel, Meg Ryan-Dennis Quaid, Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee and Sharon Stone-Phil Bronstein are amongst the couples who got married on 14th February.
  • Alexander Graham Bell applied for his patent on the telephone on 14th February i.e. Valentine's Day, in 1876.
  • St. Valentine's Day was declared an official holiday in 1537, by England's King Henry VIII.
  • It is believed that it was on February 14th, that St. Valentine was put to death. Before dying, he wrote a note for his love - the jailer's daughter, signed "From Your Valentine".
  • A heart-shaped outline and the figure of the winged cupid are amongst the most popular Valentine's Day symbols.
  • Two out of every three Valentine's Day cards are accompanied by a gift.
  • In the Middle Ages, men and women used to draw names from a bowl to see who their valentine would be.
  • In Victorian times, if you got a card on Valentine's Day, it meant bad luck.
  • Sweden is the only country that does not celebrate Valentine's Day.
  • The launch of penicillin was announced on Valentine's Day.
  • Flowers are the most popular Valentine's Day gift.
  • On 14th February 1962, Jackie Kennedy hosted the first televised tour of the White House.
  • It was believed that 14th February is the day when birds and fowls select their mates.
  • Duke of Orleans sent the first Valentine's Day card, after being captured in 1415.

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