Looking for the best gift ideas for this Valentines Day? If this is the case, then the list of top valentine's gifts, provided in this article, will surely be of help to you.

Top Valentine's Gifts

Valentine's Day brings love along with it. As soon as February starts, love seems to be pervading the air. It is around this time only that we start checking out gifts for our partner. While buying presents, remember it is not the gift item per se, but the feelings behind it that count. A homemade cake will give the recipient as much pleasure as a diamond ring, if it is backed with love and care. Still, if you require any help while selecting gift for your beloved, we are at your service. Go through the following lines and find a list of top valentine's gifts, for the year 2009.
Best Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day
Mobile Phone
In the world of innovating technology, mobile phone serves as one of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts. Such a gift will not only make your beloved tech-savvy, but also help you keep in touch. Get the latest cell phone and watch him/her beaming with joy, after receiving the gift.
iPod/MP4 Player
If your 'better half' is a music lover, then the best gift for him/her would be the latest iPod/MP4 Player. It would be even more wonderful if you can preload it with his/her favorite songs. Along with that, you can also add a gift certificate for an online music store.
Red Wine
Red wine, because of its color, has a deep association with Valentine's Day, which has almost all of its symbols in the red color itself. This year, go ahead and gift your partner a bottle of red wine as valentines' gift. It will be the perfect drink, with which to enjoy your togetherness.
Men have been gifting lingerie to women since ages, especially when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. While buying the same for your woman, make sure that you keep her comfort in mind. Females can modify this gift a bit and gift red boxer shorts and a bath robe to their 'better half'.
Box of Assorted Chocolates
Chocolates, considered to be one of the aphrodisiacs, enjoy great popularity as Valentine's Day gift. Right from the liqueur chocolates to heart-shaped ones, the varieties in tastes, shapes and sizes are endless. So, while buying chocolates for your loved ones, keep their favorite flavor in mind.
Spa Gift Certificate
In the hectic world of today, people don't even get the time to breathe at ease, forget about anything else. This Valentine's Day, help your beloved get away from the tensions of routine life and rejuvenate his/her body, at least for a day, by giving him/her a spa gift certificate.
Weekend Getaway
Valentine's Day is a day for lovers, a day when people express their love for each other. What better way to express your feelings than by taking your loved one on an outing? Check out the nearest getaway destination from the place and start making the bookings!
Designer Jewelry
When you are thinking about Valentine's Day gift, how can jewelry be far behind? Sporting jewelry is no longer a fashion statement restricted to women. Men, nowadays, are equally fond of them and love to flaunt things like bracelet, chains, rings, etc. With the market loaded with designer jewelry, get a nice elegant piece for your lover and surprise him/her, this Valentine's Day. 
Bouquet of Red Roses
Red roses were, are and will always be associated with Valentine's Day. Since the day is associated with love, in all its forms, a bouquet of red roses will serve to be the best gift that you can present your beloved with. Accompanied with a box of candy, the bouquet will look all the more better!
Scented Candles and Candleholder
Candles, whether placed in the bedroom or on the dining table, help create a romantic ambience. If they are scented as well, and placed on a brass candleholder, you can be sure that no one would refuse to accept them as gift, including your beloved (as his/her Valentine's Day gift)!

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