While writing the plot for a story, you should include the character sketch and the conflicts that lead up to the climax. Explore the tips in the article and know how to write the plot of the story.

How Do You Write The Plot Of A Story

Turning ideas into a bestselling story is a skill that very few people are adept at. You need to build up a plot, the basic essence of the story, in order to relate the sequence of events in the narrative. Writing the plot for a story can be as interesting as the narration itself. All you need is concentrate on your characters, the situation and the conflict, which leads them towards the climax of the story. If you are wondering about how to write the plot of a story, this article will be the right for you. Go through tips given in the following lines and learn how to plot out a story from the beginning till the end.
Tips For Writing The Plot For A Story
The first step for writing the plot for a story is to get an idea about what you are going to narrate. By brainstorming, you will be able to generate many ideas in your mind about the plot. You may start with the location of the story or the character(s) that you want to include in the story. Choose an era for the story as well.
Arrange The Ideas
After brainstorming, it is the time to connect the ideas. Whatever runs through your mind, note them down in a piece of paper. Write down the details about the location of the story and the number of characters that you want to include in it. Include the protagonist and the secondary characters as well.
Write Down The Plot Points
After you have figured out the characters, think about expanding their persona. This may include the names of the characters, their physical appearance, their desires, needs and their basic nature. You may also include their friends and families. Visualize an environment for each of the character.
The Conflict
Conflict is an important part of a story, as it often creates twists and turns. Write down what happens to your characters, which lands them in conflict. This includes the struggles and pitfalls that the characters encounter on their way towards achieving their goals. Conflict includes a chain of events that leads up to the climax of the story.
The Climax
Another important part of a story is its climax – the point at which the characters either win or fail in their attempts to achieve their targets. The conflict concludes in the climax. You may either leave the post climax situations to the reader’s imagination or unfold the happenings after the climax.

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