The food for bridal shower party generally includes a wide variety of snacks. Check out the article and get some bright ideas for choosing the snacks for bridal shower.

Snacks For Bridal Shower

Bridal shower party is organized to pamper the future bride, before she enters the new life. It is as special as the wedding, and is a lot of fun. If you are assigned the task of hosting the party, try to make it a special day for the bride and the guests as well. After figuring out the number of guests, the venue and the theme, deciding the party food will be the next step. A variety of snacks can serve as the food for the party, as the aim is to keep the menu light. Given below are some bright ideas for choosing the snacks for a bridal shower. 
Bridal Shower Party Food Ideas 
  • In order to satisfy the different tastes of your bridal shower party guests, include a wide variety of snacks in the menu. Make sure that you serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks.
  • Potato rostis - with smoked salmon and little mushrooms - with leeks and goat cheese are great appetizers for the party. Potato finger chips, with hot and sweet tomato sauce, also serve as mouth-watering snacks.
  • When it comes to sandwiches, you can choose from the light to the heavier ones. For the vegetarians, you may consider including cheese tea sandwich and eggplant sandwich in your menu. Smoked salmon sandwich and chicken salad finger sandwich will surely entice your non-veg guests!
  • Salads, garnished neatly, can attract any foodie at the very first glance. You may include fruit salad, seafood salad, spinach salad with apples and cheese or chicken salad in the menu.
  • Include a variety of sweets in the menu. These may be cakes and cookies. Make sure that you offer at least two varieties in each item, so that the guests have enough snacks to choose from.
  • Chocolate raspberry fondant cake, carrot and ginger cake, vanilla cupcake cake, cappuccino ice cream cake and ice cream cone wedding cake are hit amongst the bridal shower parties. You may choose two from the four varieties. Bake the cakes on your own or order the fresh ones from the bakery. For the guests who want a short sweet bite, include shortbread cake in your menu.

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