Wish to go a little unconventional with your choice of centerpiece for the upcoming bridal shower party? Given below are ideas for bridal shower centerpiece for tables, for you to explore.

Bridal Shower Centerpieces For Tables

Planning a bridal shower party for your dearest friend and want everything to be just perfect, right from food to wine to décor and the centerpieces? While a wedding planner can help you with the food, wine and decor, picking the right centerpiece on your own will be a great way to add a personal touch to the party. At times, finding the right centerpiece for that utmost appeal might seem to be a gargantuan task, more so if you are game for something new and exciting. Bridal shower is a fun pre-wedding girly event, much like the overhyped bachelor’s party, and is meant to be high on fun and big on entertainment. Thus, what you choose as your centerpiece should bet on the theme and ambience of your party. You can go a little unconventional with your choice and surprise the crowd, by adding a little zest to the everyday decorative items. For instance, you can use gilded candles instead of scented ones for a more opulent feel or just bet on exotic blooms than just roses for an air of ingenuity. To know more ideas for bridal shower centerpieces, read on.
Ideas For Bridal Shower Centerpieces
  • When it comes to decking up pre-wedding parties or even the big event itself, very few things can match up to elegance and romantic grandeur of a lavish décor like candles. Staggeringly versatile, candles add to the warmth of any occasion and look dazzling to the eyes. You can resort to stunning candle holders or bet on fancier options like glittery pillar candles, gilded candles, floating candlesticks and more, to create an exquisite eye-popping look for the bridal shower party.
  • Going with the old faithful floral bouquets will add up to the pretty decor of your bridal shower like anything else. After all, what else can match up to the sheer elegance of exotic blooms? You can choose from elegant tall lilies to gorgeous roses to highlight your center table and set the party ambience on a roll. Orchids, gerberas, carnations, gladiolas are some other excellent options that can be used to deck up as a centerpiece for your table.
  • A classic way to dress up a center table is apparently helium balloon bouquets. Helium balloons are vibrant, mushy add-on to your sparkling celebration and make for an incredible informal and fun statement. Jazz up your balloon bouquets with an element of surprise and see the girls go gaga over it. Pep up the party spirit with sparkling confetti, flowers and foil wrapped candies.
  • Even the most humble of fruit bowls filled with vibrant exotic berries or colorful plums and oranges with a dash of greenery can jazz up the ambience of your party like nothing else. Just take a huge bowl and load it with colorful berries and exotic grapes or build an assortment of yummy looking fresh fruits and nuts. Add to this some Spanish moss, lemons and matching yellow squash and your fruit bowl is read to rock!
  • Do you loathe the idea of using candles and flowers for your centerpiece and are game for something new and rare? If so, then getting a little ‘fishy’ with your choice would help. Just take a big bowl and fill it with your favorite colored pebbles, marbles or other colorful beads or gems. Add to the bowl a wonderful collection of vibrant fishes and water and see the guests go gaga over your ingenuity.
  • You have got a huge table to deck up but are totally clueless on how to do it! Well, how about loading your table with champagne glasses and bottles. Just arrange the flutes on the tables in random patterns and see the magic happen. To get more innovative with your decoration, you can fill each flute with translucent vanilla jelly bellies or champagne candies and get the guests toasting and munching.

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