A low-budget décor makes the whole ceremony look grand and classy, and it is quite an easy affair. Read on to know some ideas on cheap bridal shower decorations.

Cheap Bridal Shower Decorations

It is so surprising to know that the custom of bridal showers grew out of the earlier dowry practices. When the bride’s family didn’t have enough money to give dowry, then they arranged for something like a pre-marriage ceremony. Friends, family, and other guests would come, and give gifts to the bride. These gifts would then be sent as dowry. It was an easy way of meeting the formalities. In the present scenario, bridal showers are done to honor the bride, and make her feel happy and ease her per-wedding jitters. The first thing that strikes the mind of a person, who is planning the bridal shower, is décor. The décor part seems hard to achieve, especially, if you have a meager budget. However, you can just arrange a few inexpensive materials, and make use of those odd and even ideas crawling in your mind. If you want some classy arrangements without spending much, then you have some great options. Whatever theme you choose, it should make the bride feel like a princess and pampered. She can be made to wear a tiara, and a beautiful silk dress, and can just enjoy those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Read on to know some ideas for cheap bridal shower decorations.
Ideas For Cheap Bridal Shower Decorations
  • Arrange a mid-sized ceremony hall for the function. The basic reason for taking a mid-sized hall is that you don’t need to stretch your décor spectrum, and hence, you can curtail your expenses. 
  • Look out for some party decorators to help you select a theme. The themes can be many, like, a princess theme, themes based on colors, balloon themes or cheese and wine themes. Your cost of décor will vary from theme to theme.
  • You need to arrange for satin and laces, if you are looking forward for a princess theme. The colors can be light pink or blue or olive green with a glitz of golden cloth made of net. Satin is not so expensive, and it is a great substitute for people who can’t use silk. To reduce the cost you can cut down on laces. The décor will anyways look nice.
  • A balloon theme is the cheapest of all, and looks very attractive. Particular combinations like red and white, blue and white, pink and white can be taken as options. Hydrogen filled balloons can also be used for the décor, and they can just be used for free floating, as they tend to accumulate on the ceiling.
  • Apart from the themes, you can also create some handmade centerpieces with old vases filled with marbles, and bunch of easily available and inexpensive flowers. You can also arrange some tables, and keep the guest’s favors on them. Wrap the gifts nicely in laces and attractive papers, and make them look dazzling.
  • You can arrange for a bride special cake, and some champagne. Place orders for a snack party instead of a full course meal. This will lower your cost. A cake placed in the center with attractive décor like balloons and gifts and candles around it will make the décor look nice and classy.

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