A bridal shower can hardly be called a success without the inclusion games. With the article, you will get to explore a number of fun bridal shower game ideas.

Bridal Shower Games

Planning a bridal shower is surely exciting and you would want to exhaust every last bit of yours to make it a success. Bridal shower is generally thrown in the day time and last for three to four hours. It is important to keep the event lively and such that the bride to-be fondly remembers it forever. In this context, a great idea to make it fun is to include games. It is one of the main elements of making any bridal shower a success. In fact, without it, your shower may be professed as boring. Although keeping a few games may bring the party to a standstill, too many of them can tire and exhaust the guests. So, make sure that they are just enough in number and can be played quickly. It’s always necessary to include games which everyone enjoys. Here are some of the bridal shower games that are sure to make your party one of the most memorable events for everyone, especially the bride-to-be. Don’t forget to buy presents for the winners.
Fun Bridal Shower Game Ideas
Purse Scavenger Hunt
It’s a very funny and interesting game and there is no extra preparation needed. Divide people into teams and give them the list of items a little atypical, with the points written in front of each items. The group is supposed to hunt in their purse for these items and they are given points accordingly. The team with the most points wins. The points should be ranging from the generally found items given less point and bizarre items, more points. For example, a lipstick may be given less point than an egg or a pair of scissors. People taking out strange things from their wallets will really set the mood in.
Three Truths & Two Lies
This game starts with each guest introducing herself. All of them say five things about themselves. From these five statements, only three are correct. The others have to guess which the lies are and which statements hint of truth. This game is for all age-groups, although if most of the invitees are young, then you can make the game a little kinky as well, provided everyone is happy to participate in it.
Who Am I?
It’s more like the game of lock and key. Everyone has either a lock or key. It can be either the names of romantically engaged celebrity couples or the cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry. Everyone gets to pick one card from the bowl and then they should hunt for the partner. The problem is no one can say what they are and neither can ask another person. They have to ask each other questions like, “are you a cartoon character” or “are you a celebrity”. The answer can be no more than a yes and no. The people who find their partner in least time become the winner.
Remember The Items?
In this game, the host puts different number of items in a tray. He/she then divide the people in groups and the tray is shown to people of different groups, just for thirty seconds. Then, all the groups have to write the name of items seen on the tray. The group that is able to remember and name most of the items wins the game. It’s becomes really funny when people write things that were actually not on the tray.

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