In case you are planning to give homemade favors on your wedding, having a look at this article might prove useful. Here, we have listed some great handmade wedding favor ideas.

Homemade Wedding Favors

Your wedding has been solemnized and you are now just waiting for the D-day, with the preparations taking up all of your time. Right from getting the dress to booking the venue and arranging for the caterers, you have been involved in each and every aspect of the wedding. Now, what about favors? You will go and pick up something from the market, right? Why don't you try to be a bit different on your wedding and gift homemade wedding favors instead? Apart from providing you the opportunity of personalizing the favors, the option also makes the guests feel really special. So, are you game for it? If yes, then go through the following lines and explore ideas for easy homemade wedding favors.
Handmade Wedding Favor Ideas
Wedding Soaps
When it comes to making favors on your own, wedding soap is one of the first options that come into mind, mainly because they can be personalized quite easily. All you have to do is melt one of your favorite soaps, add some color and a few drops of preferred essential oil. And your wedding favor is ready!
Activity Books
In case you are having a lot of kids at your wedding, making activity books for them is a great idea. You can easily get activity pages online. Download them and take print-outs. Do make sure to download the cover page as well and write the name of each kid on his activity book.
Hot Cocoa
In case your wedding has been scheduled in the winter months, hot cocoa can prove to be one of the best favors that you can make at home. All you will need is a glass bottle and your favorite hot chocolate mix (made as per your specifications). Wrap up it in colorful papers and your wedding favors are ready!
Cookies Basket
Yet another handmade wedding favor that never fails to impress the guests comprises of cookie basket. Go ahead and make lots of cookies - in 3-4 different flavors, such as chocolate cookies, almond cookies, coconut cookies, and so on. Arrange them, layer by layer, in a basket, cover with cellophane paper and gift it.
Seeds Favor
If you are one of those who care about the nature, then giving seed favors will yet another good option. All you have to do is get the seeds of your favorite flowers and tie them up in small squares of fabric, say organza, silk or tulle, with a ribbon. Attach a tag, describing what the seeds are as well as how and when to plant them, along with your names and wedding date.
Making potpourri and gifting it to your wedding guests is surely a great idea. For the purpose, you will have to get lots of fragrant herbs, along with dried flowers, crushed spices, essential oils, fixative and texture elements (like bark, shells or pinecones). Mix them well and store in a covered container, for 4 to 6 weeks. Now, put it in glass jar, cover with cellophane sheet and start gifting!

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