Making wine bottle cork wreaths is an extremely easy process and takes minimal amount of time. Go through this article and know how to make a wine cork wreath.

Make A Wine Cork Wreath

Come Christmas time and parties become the order of the day. You find yourself leaving the house almost everyday, for attending one party or the other. You even find yourself hosting more than one party at the time, say for colleagues, family members, friends, and so on. And, where there is a Christmas party, there are bound to be wine bottles as well. Have you ever thought of making some use of wine bottle corks, other than throwing them away? No? Then, this article is sure to be a complete surprise to you. Go through the following lines and learn how to make a wine cork wreath.
Making Wine Bottle Cork Wreaths
Supplies Needed
  • 150 Corks
  • 12“ or larger Wreath Base, Wheat or Styrofoam
  • Floral Pins
  • Round Toothpicks
  • Wide Decorative Ribbon, 1-2 yards
  • Artificial Grapes
  • Artificial Grape Leaves
  • Take a round toothpick and insert it into one of the corks, at the top end. Try to take-in the toothpick as much as it's possible. If you manage to make the toothpick go all the way through the cork, there are two options. You can either direct it towards the side, so that the pick sticks, or make use of a bit of white craft glue, holding the toothpick in place until the glue completely sets in.
  • Keeping the wreath laying on the work surface, place the wine cork to the side, near the table. In the meanwhile, you will carry on with the task of putting toothpicks into corks. Thereafter, you will have to put them inside the wreath, around the bottom, near the surface. In case you do not have a large number of corks, give a wide space in-between, while arranging them. Another option would be to get more corks from a wine store.
  • In the next step, you will continue inserting the corks in the wreath, till the time you are almost near the top and the wreath is facing up. However, do make sure to leave some spaces between the corks, which you will use for the purpose of hanging grapes or other decorative items. You will finish this step by putting the corks into the wreath to the inside of the wreath, making the inside opening smaller and the outside larger.
  • By this time, your wine bottle cork wreath is almost complete. All you have to do is arrange the grape bunches around the wreath. For the purpose, you can make use of three life sized bunches, in both green and purple color. Thereafter, insert the greenery from the bunch of grapes, between the corks. Finally, make use of floral pins to pin down all of them.
  • This step will require you to make use of the ribbon. Fold the ribbon into half, finding the middle. Now, make a loop with one sides of the ribbon and hold it with your fingers. Following this, you will need to loop the other side as well, while making sure that both the ends cross under the middle. In case the length of you ribbon is big enough; you can do two more loops. Then, wrap one end of the ribbon around the middle and tie underneath.
  • Now, you have finally come down to the last step in cork wreath making procedure. You will start with working one or two floral pins into the back of the bow. Now, place the bow in a balanced, though not necessarily symmetrical, place on the wreath. You wine bottle cork wreath is ready to be displayed on the wall. Just make sure to support it with a nail that is long enough to bear its weight.

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