Preserving wine in an open bottle becomes necessary sometimes. Learn here, how you can preserve an open wine bottle.

How To Preserve Open Wine

Whether you regularly throw parties at home or you are just a connoisseur of wine, you must be aware of how painful it is to throw an expensive bottle of the drink, just because you were not able to finish it off in one go. Preserving wine is a hotbed of discussions among wine aficionado. Wasting a bottle of good wine is really disheartening. In fact, you may dread to open an expensive bottle of wine the next time, if such a scenario becomes common, fearing that you may not be able to finish it and will have to throw it again. Wines are delicate and preserving them for long can be tricky and sometimes plainly not possible. However, you can preserve your open wine for two to three days, with the help of right tips. Now, before you open another swirl, read on to explore tips on how you can preserve your open bottle of wine.
Preserving Wine In An Open Bottle 
  • Save the cork of the wine bottle. After you have taken your share of wine, you can fasten the opening of the bottle with that and put it in refrigerator. This way, the wine will stay fresh for two-three days. However, it is not a very completely foolproof and you should not make a habit of it.
  • You can also invest in some good quality plastic bottle stopper, if you are in a habit of breaking the cork while opening the bottle. This works the same way as the cork and can keep the wine in good condition for two to three days.
  • If wine is exposed to oxygen, the oxidation process starts and the beverage soon turns into vinegar. However, you can save it for two to three days by investing in a spray preserver. It will force the air out of the bottle and leave a cover of inert gases in it, to protect the wine from oxidation.
  • You can also buy a vacuum pump for preserving open wine. As the name suggests, it pumps out the air in a bottle. After using it, you can place the wine cork on again and keep your wine as good as ever.
  • Never leave the wine bottle open. Also, refrigerating it is essential, as heat can accelerate the oxidation process. However, do not put the wine bottle in a freezer, since it can ruin the taste of wine.
  • You can also decant the wine in a smaller bottle. This way, there won’t be any place left for the air and the wine will stay good for three to four days.
  • If you want to save your expensive bottle of wine, another thing you can do is spray a little compressed nitrogen from its cylinder. However, some people argue that it is detrimental to the wine.
  • You can also use a pressure cap to save the wine for the next day. It can even preserve the fizz of the wine. 
  • It is essential to know that not all wines can survive long, after having been exposed to air. Red wine lasts longer than the white wine, while some quick wines do not survive at all. Also, it is foolish to try to keep sparkling wine for long.

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