Serving wine at a party is an awesome idea, though pouring it into glass is a different case altogether. Read on further and know how to pour wine at a party, just perfectly.

How To Pour Wine

Your office colleagues are coming for dinner and you are planning to serve them wine. Everything, right from decorations to menu to music, has been decided and well prepared for. The only thing that is bothering you is the part of pouring wine. Since the dinner is for office colleagues, much formality is required and you do not want to embarrass yourself by dripping the wine, either while opening the bottle or pouring it into glasses. What to do now? Simple, read this article! Yes, you read that right. In the following lines, we have provided a number of useful tips, which will help you in pouring wine into glass, just perfectly! Read on and make sure that your party is a success.
How to Pour Wine at a Party


  • First of all, you need to know how to hold the wine bottle. Make sure that your hands are clean and dry.
  • Now, take the bottle and ensure a firm grip on it. This way, the bottle will not slip and you will not even leave any smudges on it.
  • You should always hold a wine bottle from the bottom and aim the top for the center of the glass.
  • Next, you need to open the bottle. Try to make as little noise as possible and ensure that only bubbles escape from the bottle, not the wine.
  • After you have opened the bottle, pour a small amount of it into your glass or a separate glass. This gets rid of any stray pieces of cork.
  • After you are sure that the smell and color of the wine are perfect and its temperature is just right, it is the time to start pouring.
  • Always serve clockwise around the table, standing over the right shoulder of each person, as you pour.
  • While pouring the wine, make sure to be a bit slow, so that the wine does not splash up, into the glass, on the table or on your clothes.
  • Never ever fill up a wine glass fully. Just above halfway is perfect. It will allow your guest plenty of space to swirl and smell the wine.
  • As you move from one glass to the other, pouring wine, remember to turn around the bottle. This prevents drips.
  • After you have poured wine to each and every guest, place it on a wine coaster or place mat, to avoid staining the table cloth.
  • Another option is to put the wine bottle in a chill container, to make sure that it remains at a low temperature throughout the meal.

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