While drinking beer is a lot of fun, pouring it is an art. You need to follow proper way and use right angles to get that perfect taste. Check out the tips given here and know how to pour beer.

How To Pour Beer

You may realize that drinking beer is a lot easier task than pouring it in a glass. Pouring beer is an art and requires the right amount of effort to get the perfect taste of the beverage. While most of the people are masters in gulping beer, very few of them actually master the task of pouring it. There is a definite way in which a bottle of beer should be poured into a glass. The proper and right way of pouring beer not only means the perfect look, but is also indicative of the perfect taste. In the following lines, we have provided tips for pouring perfect beer into a glass, to relish it till the last drop.
 Proper Way For Pouring Beer
  • To master the art of pouring beer, the first step is to get the right glass for the beverage. Just like you would not pour wine in an opaque plastic cup, in the same way, beer should also not be poured in an opaque glass. A clear, look-through beer mug is the best bet. Imagine the pain that the brewer, who gave in his heart and soul to create the specific color, would go through, watching you drinking the beverage in an opaque glass. 
  • The second most important step would be to check if the glass is completely clean or not. Glasses that have oil, dirt or residue remains do not offer the right head and may also change the flavor of the beer. In case, you are worried about the large head of the drink, wet the insides of the glass prior to pouring it.
  • At the time of pouring the beer, angle the glass at 45 degrees. Now, start pouring the beer, aiming at the middle of the incline of the glass.
  • When the mug is half-filled, straighten the glass to 90 degrees and start pouring the rest of the beer to fill the middle of the glass.
  • A perfectly poured beer has an ideal head of about 1 to 1½ inches. You may also increase the distance of pouring, once you have gained the confidence to do so. A perfect head makes the beer have a good aroma and adds to the flavor and presentation.  
Note: Remember, pouring beer is an art and should be mastered by all those who indulge in the drink. The existence of head is extremely important for the beer, as it is with humans. While some beer requires head purely for the aesthetic look, there are others that need the head to reveal their aromatic flavor.
Different Pours For Different Beers
For Ales
For pouring ales beer, the process would be more or less as mentioned above, only with an exception that your should pour a little longer along the side of the glass, while tilting it. The main aim of pouring the drink would be to have a head measuring about a finger-width. A larger head would mean that you might lose the characteristic bitter or hoppy flavor.
For Hefeweizen
Do not be surprised if the head of the drink sneaks up on you and ruins your new dress, thanks to the foaming quality of hefeweizen's. A hefeweizen should be poured extra gently along the side of the glass. Do not straighten the glass halfway through your pour. As for the head, straighten the glass right at the end. A rule of the thumb while pouring hefeweizen - include yeasty sediment at the bottom of the bottle.
For Stouts
If you have had the opportunity of consuming this type of beer, you would know that the stout beer type requires a big head. Pour the beer halfway and allow it to settle for sometime. Later, finish off pouring the beer.  
For Pilsners
Pilsners do not follow the general technique of beer pouring. According to experts, a pilsner should be poured straight down the vertical glass, if you want to get the healthy pilsner head. If you imitate this technique, head would characteristically extend over the lip of the glass.

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