Before gulping down any beer, tasting it properly is very necessary to enjoy the real flavor and aroma. With the help of tips and ways given here, know how to taste beer.

How To Taste Beer

Beer is one of the most refreshing alcoholic beverages, especially when summer season approaches. Nothing can make you feel more relaxed than lounging in a hammock, sipping your favorite chilled beer. There are large varieties of beer available in the market, like fruit beer, root beer, grain beer, and the like. All of them have a distinct taste and give a different aroma. Though most people are unaware of the fact, it is very necessary for a person to taste beer, before swallowing it. Otherwise, he will remain bereft of its real flavor and aroma. Through the tips given below, explore the correct ways of tasting beer.
How to Taste Beer 
  • First of all, you will need to pour beer into the right kind of glass. The best one will be a large wine glass that tapers up toward the rim. While the larger base of the glass will allow the beer's head room to spread properly, the thinner neck will help direct the aroma towards your nose.
  • Next, you need to pay attention to the color, clarity and head thickness of the beer. A beer should always be clear. The only exception to this rule is wheat beer, which is usually cloudy in appearance.
  • After pouring the beer in wine glass, make sure to swirl it around. This will help in releasing its aroma into the glass. Sniff the beer and try to take in the different scents it exudes. With this, you will be prepared for the flavors that accompany a sip of the beer.
  • Finally, it is the time to sip the beer. Take a sip and let it wash over your palate. Concentrate on its taste, which will usually have malt and hops as the main contributors. Depending upon the style of the beer, the type as well as the strength of flavors might change.
  • After you have tasted the beer and experienced its flavor as well as aroma, it is time to swallow it. This will provide the taste buds on the back of your tongue an opportunity to experience the tantalizing bitterness that a beer gets from its rich hop flavoring.

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