Activities are essential for elderly people, to keep them both physically and mentally fit. Read some fun activities and games for old people, which will help them, remain busy in their free time.

Activities For Elderly

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. One should always engage oneself in a few things here and there, which would divert his mind from all the wrong kinds of ideas. The same holds true for elderly people also. They should also keep themselves engaged in some kinds of activities, which would keep them both, physically and mentally fit. Not all elderly people like to spend their time sitting in front of the TV the whole day. An old person needs to be stimulated and engaged as much as possible to remain hale and hearty. Also, they like to remain occupied with several activities in order to kill time. They must utilize their energies in the right direction so that they not only have fun, but also lead a healthy life. It’s is a proven fact that regular social interaction and some fun activities help prevent depression and joint and muscle pains. Some of the games and activities that old people can indulge in are given below.
Fun Activities For Elderly People


  • Art and crafts are the most common activities, elders can indulge in. There are some volunteer centers that offer free service to the elderly or may charge a nominal amount for the materials required for arts and crafts. Elders can utilize their creative potentials to their maximum and make loads of items. They can even organize a fair, where their handmade products would be sold. It would not only be their creativity appraisal, but would also act as a morale booster.
  • Elderly people can also go for exercise classes or meditation. The most crucial aspect of old age is health, and what better way to handle it than with exercises. It would give them not only physical strength, but would make them feel a lot younger.
  • Field trips to a place in the outskirts of a city, for a picnic, would be good to make them feel young again. It would be a nice way to spend the day reminiscing about their youth.
  • If they love to dance, you can make them join some low-impact dance classes. Nothing beats the fun of wearing your dancing shoes, even at an old age, and dancing to the beats of your favorite music.
  • You can make them play their favorite games or sports. Games not only mean that they would have to run around. You can encourage them to play indoor sports, such as, board games and card games.
  • Gardening, fishing, sewing or any of their hobbies can be excellent activities to keep them involved.
  • Another option includes a visit to a shopping mall or a theatre show or to view a sporting event at a stadium. Just because they are old, it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t like to go window shopping or watch sports.
  • A morning walk, an evening walk or both, are beneficial for the body and the mind. The person does not only keep himself fit but also gets to interact with lot of people.
  • Biking on a regular basis to nearby places is a good exercise as well as a great way to enjoy mornings and evenings. Staying fit is important but staying happy is more important. Organizing small bike trips for the elderly with a group of friends is sure to delight them.
  • Using ceramics can turn into a fun activity for all age groups. It is creative and also takes a lot of time, which means an entire day or evening can be spent in this activity. Senior citizens, who live alone and are looking for ways to kill time, can go for this activity.
  • What is better than a senior prom? How exciting it would be to take part in a prom night party, which would remind them of their younger days! Not only will they get to wear flashy clothes, but could also get to meet friends and their families. This is a great opportunity for them to also learn about each other lives and how many of them ended up doing their dream jobs or got married to their childhood sweethearts. 
  • Writing is perhaps one of the best activities. One can write about anything under the sun, for e.g. personal experiences to start with. Some old people may need a push for writing. You may consider arranging for notebooks, pens and writing desks to encourage them.
  • Pets are known to possess therapeutic elements. In fact, many old people have more than one pet to take care of. Having a pet can mean more work, but most aged people like to take care of their pets. Pets, especially dogs, provide unconditional love, which in turn acts as a healer.  
The years after retirement are sometimes considered to be the slower years of one’s life. But just because they have become old, it doesn’t mean that they should stop amusing themselves. Go through this article once again and arrange these activities for the elderly.

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