Sleepover parties are loved by young teenage girls. For some interesting teen girls slumber party ideas, read on.

Girls Sleepover Party Ideas

Young girls just love the idea of sleepover parties, as it provides them an opportunity to spend some quality and private time with their friends. Slumber parties begin after sunset and continue till late in the night. Though the arrangement of the party depends entirely on your creativity and thought, there are certain things, which one should definitely incorporate. Good food, entertaining games and ample space are some of the essentials for a sleepover party. As teen girls love sharing stuff with their friends, make sure you do provide them privacy and leave them alone. For more ideas on teen girls slumber party, read on.
Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls 
  • For preparing the party invitation, you can use many creative ideas. You can make small pillows using foam and slip invitations into them. Besides, you can shape the cards into night gowns, pillows, quilts, etc to give them a slumber party feel.
  • The decoration for a sleepover party will require a large space as all the girls will sleep together. Arrange for several floor pillows, couch cushions and blankets for a comfortable hangout space.
  • Apart from the necessary items, add accessories to the area such as hanging twinkling stars to create the look of a starry night. Scatter inflated balloons, which will add to the fun filled environment of the event.
  • You can arrange some exciting games for the little girl guests. For instance, hide several glow-in-the-dark items around the room and turn out the lights. Set the timer and ask the girls to find the objects. The one who finds the maximum gets a prize. You can even arrange a sleeping bag race, which is similar to that of a sack race, making the contestant crawl in their sleeping bags.
  • You can even keep a particular theme for the party and ask your friends to dress accordingly.
  • Arrange for a movie and pop corns, which all of you can watch huddled together.
  • Make sure you prepare some delicious food for your party. As young girls basically like to munch, include food items such as veggies and dip, chips, juice, water and soda, chocolate and cheese fondue, etc. Pizza is another nice option. However, avoid excess of sweets.
  • Make sure you also arrange for breakfast in the morning, as the sleeping beauties will wake up hungry after a long night. French toast in fun cookie shapes along with fresh fruit smoothie is a healthy and appetizing option.

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