Accompanied by friends, Slumber Party is a time to enjoy the advent of youth. To make this party more exciting, check out tips on planning a slumber party.

Slumber Party Ideas

Slumber party, also known as a sleepover part or a pajama party, always gets a special place in the childhood memories of any person. This is because the jolly times spent with friends at such a party not only bring everyone closer, but also help young adolescents understand each other in a much better way. To make slumber parties all the more exciting and memorable, one must refer to some great party ideas. Being a parent, you will have to take extra care to make this party an unforgettable event of your kid’s life. Though sleepovers have become really common, you can electrify this monotonous idea by adding some nice fun themes, games and food to it. Given here are some of the best ideas for slumber party, listed just for you.
Planning A Slumber Party
Select a Theme
Make your teen select a fun theme for the party. It can be anything ranging from outer space to movie night or even a spa makeover. If your child has an adventurous bent of mind, you can arrange the children sleep in your courtyard, in tents. Sleeping bags in the playroom will do in case the weather is not pleasant.
Craft a Special Invitation
Slumber party is a time when young adults are given their own space to choose the guests and even make invitation cards. So let them make ones depicting the theme of the party. In case you’re planning a day-spa, try to incorporate its features in the invitation and don’t forget to list out the requirements, such as, sleeping bags, crayons etc.
Check Out the Menu
Its late night and adolescents are having fun. Suddenly, one of them feels a bit hungry. Prepare yourself in advance as what would be right for the time and serve some scrumptious snacks to the children. These surprise snacks would be really loved by all. So, make sure to keep snacks and finger foods, like chips, fries, donuts, cream cheese, cake, pizza, spring rolls and juices, in reserve.
Decorate the Venue
Venue is an important aspect of any party, because it gives the guests a proper feel of partying. So, keep a special track of its decoration. Balloons, ribbons and other such adornments are generally used to decorate the room or courtyard, which the party is planned. However, do make sure to arrange according to the selected theme.
Add Touch of Arts & Crafts
While stepping into adolescence, children have to leave all those teeny-weeny things behind. The idea of painting and casual scribbling could be interesting because everybody would cherish this souvenir, made in an informal way at the party. At last, children can exchange paintings with each other and keep with them as a keepsake.
Don’t Forget Party Favors
Party favors would be an added attraction to the slumber party organized by you. Moreover, party favors act as a memento of the special night. You can distribute the favors while the party is still going on. Things like activity books, mystery novels, diary or journal, blowing bubbles, key chains and mini flash light make decent party favors.

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