A lip-smacking food menu is the key to any successful party. Check out how to steal away those compliments by planning a proper meal for a dinner party at home.

Menu Planning

Throwing a dinner party demands a few painstaking calculations from your end. Preparing the food menu is one of them. A delectable menu can enhance the entire ambience of the party. Whether it is a casual weekend get-together amongst friends or an official party for your colleagues; tips for planning a suitable menu remains the same for any occasion. With a good eye for detail and our helpful guidelines for meal planning, you can easily be the most sought after party hostess among all your acquaintances. Explore the various options that are available for an ideal dinner party menu planning.
Go with the Season
Always go with the flow of the season and try to add a dash of the seasonal delights in your menu. Incorporate seasonal vegetables in the salad or some seasonal fruits in the desserts and homemade tartlets.
Organic Flavor
Instead of purchasing processed meat or fish, buy meat/ fish that are fresh and untreated. Also make use of organic vegetables in your recipes to bring out the newly picked flavor in the dishes.
No Experiment Please
Don’t try experimenting with the foods. Make recipes that you are familiar with. Following the cook book and trying out that new weird-sounding recipe for the dinner party is a strict no-no.
Simple Appetizers
Give attention to the main course and keep the starters and cocktail snacks to a minimum. Simple appetizers like olives, nuts and low-fat snacks will help the guests in relishing the main course without feeling too stuffed.
Proper Balance
Play with different colors, flavors and textures in the recipes. Serve mild flavored and lighter dishes in the beginning of the menu. Save the peppery and the substantial dishes for the main course.
Variety Rules
Don’t use or incorporate a single item or vegetable in every part of the food menu. Variety is the key factor. Too much of butter, cheese or tomatoes in every dish will make them taste similar and ruin your culinary efforts.
Keep Ahead of Time
If the preparations are a bit time consuming, it is always safer to prepare certain items beforehand. Finish the major chunk of the cooking earlier and apply the finishing touches at the last moment.
Dietary Preferences
Adhere to a menu that suits all. For e.g. one of your guests might be a vegetarian or might be prone to allergies from prawns or pork. So, it is always smarter to find out in advance if any of your guests have any special dietary preferences.
Don’t Go Overboard
Don’t go for unnecessary excessiveness in the form of flamboyant decorations and garnishes in every platter. Try to keep the food simple and let the quality of the food present itself in the form of its taste.

So, the next time you throw that dinner party at home, be ready for some well-deserved accolades from your guests.

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