Planning a cocktail party menu is quite easy and not very time consuming. We have come up with different ideas for deciding the ideal menu for cocktail parties.

Cocktail Party Menu

Cocktail parties are real fun and a very lively activity to indulge in. planning a cocktail party is not all that difficult and can be real fun. Most people crib about the fact that they are not able to find a decent menu for their guests. The fun part is that the menu can be delightful assortment of different types of finger foods that will surely be relished by one and all. And since it is a ‘cocktail’ party, let us not forget the cocktails! Always remember one thing – never underestimate how much your guests would eat! It is okay to have some food left over after the party, but it is bad if it falls short! Here are some easy and simple ideas that will help you decide on the menu for cocktail party.
Cocktail Party Menu Ideas 
  • The first thing is that there should be variety in your menu. This means, you should have a collection of hot and cold dishes, meat dishes, seafood and loads of finger foods. Decide whether you will be having a dinner. If you do, plan a four course meal and if you don’t, then the finger foods, condiments and appetizers should be enough to satisfy your guests’ appetites.
  • The next thing is you need to decide the quantity of food. This will depend on how many guests are you going to call for the cocktail party. Ideally, the food items should last for 2 hours and should be approximately six bites per person, excluding condiments like cheese dips.
  • Now, for the cocktails! Make sure you have at least 3 popular cocktails in your menu. The alcohol included could be vodka, champagne, rum and gin. Also, make sure you have enough stock of fruit juice, just in case someone doesn’t really want to have cocktails after a while. Ice is very important so make sure you have enough stock of that too. If you have the money to splurge, get a bar-tender to mix and serve cocktails while you enjoy!
  • Don’t forget cocktail sandwiches with fillings. Go in for something like chicken and avocado, smoked salmon and cucumber, cheese spread and cabbage and cucumber, etc. Also include finger foods like tarts, smoked salmon, egg and spinach roll, roasted beef and glazed onions, smoked salmon lollipops, etc.
  • Though sweets are not really considered important for cocktail parties, it is important that you have one kind of sweet meat to serve, after people have had food, to satisfy the craving for sweet. It is also a good digestive and will satisfy all those who have a sweet tooth.

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