Hawaiian themed party menu should not only be gastronomic, but also exotic. Given below are some food ideas for Hawaiian theme party.

Hawaiian Themed Party Menu

As the name suggests, Hawaiian themed parties are synonymous with fun, frolic, vibrancy and entertainment. Hawaiian Islands are famous for their beaches, music, dance and food. As a result, the themed party based on them should not lack in any of the key areas mentioned. As food forms an integral part of any party, it should be well in accordance with the theme as well as the taste of the guests invited. For a Hawaiian party, try to keep traditional Hawaiian delicacies, to lure your guests’ taste buds. To help you in deciding on the Hawaiian theme partyfood, we have provided a number of ideas below, which will make your party a sure hit.
How to Plan a Menu for Hawaiian Theme Party
  • The food choices for a Hawaiian themed party include dishes that reflect traditional Hawaiian flavor as much as possible. The main meal can comprise of Poi, chicken long rice and Lomi salmon, all of which are excellent choices for Hawaiian party menu.
  • In case you have a large party area, you can arrange for barbeque and can roast a whole pig. You can do this with the help of a reliable butcher, so that you get a pig suitable for spit-roasting. For such arrangements, ensure you get things done in advance.
  • If you are unaware of the Mexican cuisine and do not know the traditional dishes, switch over to tropical substitutions in traditional dishes. You can even serve your favorite party fare with tropical accents. For instance, pineapple juice can be a delicious base for a marinade, used for most types of meat. You can garnish your dishes with chunks of fruit to make them look exotic. Moreover, thick slices of pineapple are really tasty, if served grilled.
  • As far as beverages are concerned, classic tropical cocktails such as Mai tais, Daiquiris and Pina coladas are perfect for a Hawaiian party. You can also keep a non-alcoholic version as well. In addition, pitchers of iced tea or punch, presented in a large bowl with fresh fruit, are tempting drink choices for the party. Make the drinks look appealing as well as authentic, by garnishing them with cocktail umbrellas. For a more traditional and regional touch, you can serve drinks in coconut shells.

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