Hawaii is truly a dream destination for most of us. Explore this article to know how to plan a Hawaiian wedding.

How To Plan A Hawaiian Wedding

Wedding is perhaps the most important day in our life. We do everything to make sure that this day becomes the most important day not only for us but also for all the people related to us. And what better way to make this day memorable for everyone related you than planning a Hawaiian wedding. Nothing can be more romantic than a wedding in a picture postcard perfect setting. The beautiful weather, the cool breeze, sun-kissed beaches, gorgeous blue oceans, captivating mountains, no one could ask for a better venue than Hawaii. Whether you want a sultry, simple, gala, crazy, exceptional, or elegant wedding, Hawaii is the perfect backdrop for you. So if you are tempted to have your wedding at the most famous honeymoon destination of the world, explore the following pointers to know how to plan a Hawaiian wedding. Aloha and have a happy wedding!
Tips For Planning A Hawaiian Wedding 
  • The first thing, which you have to decide on, is the venue. Hawaii is famous for its beach weddings however there are other options to like, a villa, on a mountaintop or near waterfall. Speak to people who have been married in Hawaii and ask their opinions. Talk to each other and decide on your venue.
  • You need to obtain a wedding license before you plan your Hawaiian wedding. You can take all information from Hawaii department of health on how to obtain a license. it is very simple to get a wedding license. Make sure that you have all the legal information you could need before the wedding.
  • This decision should be conveyed to all the people related to you and ask them whether they would be able to visit you at Hawaii. Check the location and where all the guests would be staying. If you can afford it, hire a local wedding planner.
  • Now is the time to decide on the type of wedding you want. When you are having a wedding at Hawaii, it is always better to go with the tradition of Hawaii. However, it completely depends on you and your partner. Hire a good photographer and decide on the music. Talk to your planner about the reception menu and the table settings.
  • Hawaiian weddings are an assortment to culture, traditions, and rituals. Therefore, the best way to ensure that your marriage is all Hawaiian is by dressing in a proper Hawaiian wedding dress. Generally, a Hawaiian bride wears a white holoku or a wedding dress and has flowers in her hairs. Groom can wear a white shirt and white pants with a colorful sash.
  • What comes first in our mind when we hear the word Hawaii is people with garland in their neck. A lies denotes a traditional flower garland. A lies in everybody’s neck will make the day more special and will seal the date with beauty.
  • You can also follow the Hawaiian tradition to make the day more special and for that, you can incorporate the tradition of blowing the conch shell three times before the actual ceremony starts. It symbolizes the presence of god and thus makes the day more special.
  • For the first couple dance, you can include a money dance, which is a custom in most Hawaiian weddings. According to this custom money is taped around the married couple and the dance continues till all the guests wishes the couple good luck.
  • To make it more special, you can order a special Hawaiian wedding cake to be cut at your wedding. It is made up of wheat flour and symbolizes start of the new relationship together. You can cut the first slice of the cake together to denote the embarking of the pledge to be together no matter what.
  • Send your guests home with a perfect and local Hawaiian favor. It will not only make them happy but also will make this day memorable for them.

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